new blog post: FOTD & OOTD “get ready with me”

today’s video was a ramble of sorts… catching you up on what has happened since we left my parents’ house for my in-law’s house.

we arrived in town yesterday around 3:30 or so… we drove around the uptown area of town before we settled at home. i unpacked our things and then we hung out outside for a while, laid in the hammock, and  threw frisbees for the dogs.

we had a nice dinner of salad, steak, and shrimps, and dessert and cappuccinos. OMG i was so full! LOL as usual, i couldn’t go to sleep so i tried to catch up with YouTube until i couldn’t keep my eyes open. then i added a bunch to the “watch later” playlist for today.

this morning, i filmed this video and then headed downstairs to have breakfast. then we went back outside to use the paddleboat… OMG that was so much fun! if you’re subscribed to “hellodaysies” then you can see our paddleboat adventures. we were so hungry afterwards and had sandwiches and chips for lunch.

then my mother-in-law and i did some grocery shopping at Walmart and their local grocery store and headed back home to make ice cream (for dessert) and then get ready for dinner, which was fried chicken wings and salad. after dinner, i took off my makeup and then washed my face and then joined the rest of the family out on the deck to watch the lightning over the lake. it got a bit chilly for me and everyone got really tired and we headed back inside to go to bed… of course, i’m not sleepy anymore, but you know how that goes. i hope to get some more footage of wherever we’re at, including all the fur babies. so stay tuned for that! xoxo Kathleen


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