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tag: Thanksgiving traditions – Tuesday, November 20, 2012

hi everyone! it’s been a while since i did a tag video so here is one in commemoration for Thanksgiving, which is Thursday here in the US… OMG i can’t believe it’s almost here! i’m not sure who created this tag, but this was a fun tag to do… i tag you all if you haven’t done it yet… questions will be below. thanks for watching!

1. Your turkey…fresh or frozen and how do you prepare it?
2. Stuffing in the bird or out:
3. How many people are usually at your table?
4. Favorite Side Dish?
5. What is a Thanksgiving food item that most people like that you don’t?
6. Leftover sandwiches or dessert later on?
7. How do you dress for turkey day? comfy casual or to the nines?
8. Favorite beverage to drink with the meal?
9. White or dark meat?
10. Gravy or no?
11.Worst Thanksgiving dish someone brought to your home you were forced to serve?
12. Cool whip or whipped cream?
13. Have you ever forgotten to put something on the table?
14. Black Friday Shopper? if so what time do you start?
15.Name one personal family tradition

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