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what’s in my stash? Hard Candy makeup (+FOTD) – Sunday, December 2, 2012

it’s Drugstore December Day #2! the eyeshadow look i’m wearing today was inspired by emilynoel83’s look from her latest video Best in Beauty: November 2012

today’s video features Hard Candy makeup which you can find in Walmart. i think some Walmarts have a bigger selection and some have a smaller selection. i look at the Hard Candy section whenever i’m in Walmart but i am just not drawn to buy anything from there. i know that the Tiki "bronzer" is popular here on YT as a highlighter but i don’t use highlighters much so i have passed on it… plus, i think i just don’t like baked products all that much either. i find that the pigmentation is sheer and you have to use water or mixing medium or MAC’s Fix+ to get some color payoff. i was intrigued with the brand when it made its comeback, but i’ve only purchased the face primers this year and that’s about it. if there is something that i’m clearly missing out on, please let me know in the comments below and tell me why you love it. thank you for watching! hope you have a good rest of your Sunday. xoxo

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