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new schtuff list updated & schtuff i want

i updated the new schtuff pages with the makeup bits that i bought this week… but then i just read on Musings of a Muse that NYX is coming out with 5-pan and 9-pan palettes in mid-January! if you’ve been watching my YouTube channel for a while, you know i LOVE NYX Cosmetics! now i want to return a couple of things just so i can buy the new NYX palettes.

here are the blog posts that you must read (if you’re a big fan of NYX like me) —

NYX Love in Paris Eye Shadow Palettes for Spring 2013

NYX Love in Florence Eyeshadow Palette for Spring 2013

OMG i want them all! i know that i don’t need to have them all because i’m certain that a lot of these eye shadows have appeared in their 10-pan For Your Eyes Only palettes and 10-pan Runway Collection palettes. neither palette seems to be on the NYX website anymore so i’m guessing they’re being discontinued and the new Love in Paris (9-pan) and Love in Florence (5-pan) palettes are replacing them but i have no idea.

i’m a huge sucker for eyeshadow palettes! small palettes especially because they are convenient and easy to bring when you travel (which i hope to do more of this year). now that i’ve seen pictures of all of the palettes, i’m definitely going to return a couple of the things i just purchased. they were impulse buys… and since i’m going through the eyeshadows in my makeup collection, i’m definitely going to be removing a bunch of the old stuff (like the L’Oreal HiP duos) to make room for these NYX palettes. i’m actually getting excited about this!

i’m definitely not going to go crazy and buy all of them… AND i’m not going to pay full price for them either. i’m going to wait until Cherry Culture has a NYX sale or a site-wide percentage off sale before i place my order. last time i went crazy buying NYX palettes was when they just came out with The Caribbean Collection 5-pan palettes and i bought almost all of them but recently ended up giving them away.

but yeah, i really don’t need any more eyeshadow because i just bought the 2 quads from the new bareMinerals collection today, and hello, i got the huge 144-neutral eyeshadow palette from ELF (the palette only came out during the holidays and is no longer on their site). LOL but that’s not convenient to carry around… and i haven’t even used it yet! yes, i have a problem…

p.s. NYX is also coming out with a 6-pan palette that looks like a close dupe to the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette (which i don’t have)… it’ll only cost you $7 instead of $27. here‘s the post on the Muse’s blog with more information and pictures. there is a smokey version, too, but i think i’m going to pass on both because Emily (emilynoel83) did a fantastic Naked Basics dupe video here and i have almost all the palettes she showed. did i mention that i love eyeshadow palettes?

4 thoughts on “new schtuff list updated & schtuff i want

    1. there are some really nice ones there! i think i’ll pick a neutral one, of course, but then pick up a few with more diverse colors… i just love these sorts of palettes where you don’t have to hunt around your collection for other bits and pieces to complete the look.

  1. I hadn’t seen them!! OMG .. yes.. I want a few of them. I’m sure. Esp. that one with the corals and greys. The love in Florence one. Going to Ulta on Monday. I am crossing fingers and toes they will have some of this new stuff by then. I almost went today, but then I figured giving them an extra two days to get it out would be good. I don’t like going all the way up there. Talk to you soon! I replied to you on my blog, I fixed the stupid verification thing, so that should be fixed. I hate that too!

    1. i would wait to go to ULTA to find these palettes… because i’m not even sure when they’re supposed to be out… i would say in a couple more weeks. my ULTA’s NYX section sucks! LOL i’ve been to 3 others and their NYX sections are just no good… i would buy them at Cherry Culture or the NYX website itself… but it would be awesome if ULTA gets them early! i’d love to see how they swatch and feel…

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