swatch-a-roo: tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed & Stellar

the Amazonian clay 12-hr blush in Stellar came out during the holidays in a set of 4 mini blushes. i used the Stellar blush in my tarte Tuesday video and it dawned on me to swatch it next to Exposed, in case you were curious.

blog0218136 blog0218138

Exposed has a bit more pink and Stellar has a bit more tan. when the kit came out, lots of people said that Stellar would work well as a bronzer, but on my skin, it looked better as a blush because it came out like a light flush on the cheeks. Exposed can definitely be used as a bronzer (depending on your skin tone) but to me, it looks better as a blush. i just wanted to swatch the both of them in case you got Steller over the holidays and was looking into getting Exposed. i hope this helps!

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