swatch-a-roo: tarte Exotic Eyes 5-in-1 eye shadow palette


i purchased this palette off on February 5th. it was on special offer (got it for less than $30), but it’s regularly $36 and you can still purchase it today here.


according to the item description on, the colors are as follows: (left to right)
Brazilian Cocoa Bean – matte black-brown
Curacao Copper – metallic reddish copper
Turks & Caicos Taupe – shimmer bronze taupe
Bahama Bronze – shimmer light bronze
Tahitian Sand – matte pink ivory

i love this palette because it’s very versatile! you can use a lot of the mid-tone shades as all over lid colors and then Tahitian Sand as a highlight and Brazilian Cocoa Bean as a liner. you can also use Tahitian Sand as a lid color for a very light, bright look with one of the mid-tone shades as a crease color. i find this palette to be more of a standalone palette than the Urban Decay NAKED Basics palette. i agree with my friend Kristin (KristinGehm) that the UD NAKED Basics palette is most likely a palette to accompany either NAKED palettes but not as a standalone… but personally, i like palettes that can stand on their own. i’ve seen the NAKED Basics palette in ULTA and i was just not impressed. i’ve also put Urban Decay on my “don’t buy anymore from this brand” list because i just want to buy from tarte and bareMinerals as my high end brands of choice. it’s just my personal preference. i’m not saying that Urban Decay is a bad brand – it’s totally a great brand – but i have to set limitations on myself so i don’t get sucked into buying everything (as i tend to do) when i like a brand. if Urban Decay comes out with another NAKED palette, like NAKED 3 let’s say, then i will probably get it only because i love both my NAKED and NAKED 2 palettes. however, i just love tarte a bit more…

by the way, with these “swatch-a-roo” posts, i still haven’t spent the time to compare these shades with other shadows from other brands yet. if you have any requests for comparisons, please let me know. i will just post them on Instagram. but i will do swatch posts for palettes here. there are WAY better blogs that do a whole lot better with swatches than me. i cannot compete! when all else fails, just search Google images. that’s what i do! LOL i hope these types of posts are satisfactory… i’m still trying to improve… thanks for being patient with me. and thanks for following my blog! i really appreciate it! xoxo

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