the daily overdosage: Saturday, February 23, 2013

can you believe i was able to drag the hubby out of the house today? yay! we had lunch at Fish City Grill and then stopped at Fry’s so he could buy himself a new video card for his computer. i got a really cute pink daisy mousepad and another lightning to USB connector for my iPhone 5. i got it so i could switch it out with the one i got for the car, but it was too short. so i swapped it out for the one i had in my office/makeup room and brought that one into the bedroom. i also looked at the keyboards (because i’m always looking at the keyboards) and mice but i didn’t anything else. i actually wanted to get a keyboard for my iPad 2 but the Logitech one was $99.99 and that was just too expensive. my sister K3 got the Zagg Folio for her husband and our dad but when i checked the price for that one, it was also $99.99 and i remembered i had one of the short (no 10-key number pad on the right) bluetooth keyboards that came with my iMac. i actually have the long wired keyboards for my iMac. so i’m going to play with that and try to connect it. it should work.

other than that, i finally suffered through the rest of season 4 of Angel and boy, was it painful. i mainly listened to those episodes except for the very last one. i’m so glad i was able to finish it. i can’t wait to start season 5 because it was my favorite out of the whole series.

as usual, i rearranged some of the storage containers on my desk again. both desks. i cleared off my work table as well as my makeup table. tomorrow, i’ll probably rearrange what’s inside the drawers… again. a few weeks ago, i sorted everything by brand, but now i don’t like that arrangement. so i might go back to the way it was before and sort them by type. and i’m only referring to my middle-to-high end makeup. all my drugstore makeup is sorted by type. all my BE makeup is sorted by type (and grouped together), as well as all my tarte and MAC makeup (also, grouped together). oh, and my cream shadows, too (so i can remind myself to use them more often). but since i don’t have many pieces for the other middle-to-high end makeup brands, i had originally sorted them by type… but then i sorted them by brand. but i can’t do full face looks with any of those brands. the problem i face is that when i separate them by brand, it takes up more space because each brand has their own compartment. when i sort them by type, it takes up less space. does that make sense? anyway, i’m always moving things around so i can remind myself of what i have… otherwise, out of sight, out of mind, you know?

one other thing, i think i’m going to rearrange where i put my eyeliners, too. right now, all my drugstore liners are stored behind me and all my other eyeliners are separated by brand. i just don’t think it’s the best way to sort my makeup because i never reach for them. i’ll eventually come up with something feasible so i can see and use everything in my collection. and one day i’ll show you the method to my madness! LOL hope you’re having a great weekend! XOXO Kathleen

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