the daily overdosage: Sunday, February 24, 2013

so the Oscars are on right now… well, the red carpet… and i’m not watching. i was just talking about this with hubby today and i think the last time we watched the Oscars was when Lord of the Rings won everything. i think it was for the Fellowship of the Ring or maybe Return of the King. i can’t remember, but i don’t watch it anymore. i haven’t been into watching a lot of movies lately so i don’t really care to watch the acceptance speeches either. i’m sure i’m not the only one.

so i rearranged 6 drawers (two 3-drawer organizers) of makeup and the white cube with all the pink drawers, too. i pulled out some of the high end palettes and set them aside. some are Clinique and some are Stila. the Clinique ones are from gift with purchase sets and the Stila ones i got from the clearance section off Beautycrunch a few years ago when i was still building my makeup collection. a lot of the makeup i’m getting rid of are from when i was building my makeup collection. it’s amazing how much money i spent on stuff that i never used. it was all about quantity, not quality. had i known what i know now back then, i would have never been so impulsive. but you live and you learn.

it’s interesting though… by rearranging my high end makeup by type, it feels like i have more makeup now than before. i’ve always separated my MAC makeup, but this time, i challenged my OCD and mixed it in with my other high end makeup. boy, did it feel weird! LOL i know that sounds funny… i almost did the same with my tarte makeup, but i left them all in their own 3-drawer organizer. but with everything else: MAC, Lancome, stila, Clinique, Makeup Forever, Makeup Designory, Arbonne, Sephora, Sonia Kashuk, Burberry, Laura Mercier, etc, i sorted them all by type. i moved all my bronzers, highlighters, foundations, face powders, setting powders into a drawer behind me because i figure i have the least amount and i can just pull from that drawer when i’ve used up what i already have set out on my table. i still have a bunch of eye liners, chubby pencils, lip liners that i have to sort through.

i powered through 5 episodes of Angel season 5 while i did all that… i saw the 2 episodes where TJ Thyne (Hodgins on BONES) plays a lawyer in Wolfram & Hart. he still played a quirky character back then. i love re-watching TV shows and seeing actors before they became famous. i saw a lot of first-time actors when i watched Buffy. there are a lot of first timers on Smallville, too. since i own all 10 seasons of Smallville, i’m going to hold off on the re-watch and just get into Supernatural. i watched the first 5 episodes but really only paid half-attention to them so i really don’t know what is happening… but i love me some Jensen Ackles! LOL

i’m watching last week’s The Walking Dead as i wait for the new episode in an hour.

i’ve gotta crank out this week’s videos in the next couple of days because i need to get ready for the drive out of town on Friday. i need to go to the post office tomorrow and then make an appointment for Tuesday to get the oil change and the tires looked at. i don’t think i need to get the tires replaced, but i’ll see what the shop tells me. if i do, there’s a Discount Tire and an NTB close to the house. i’m so ready to get a new car… i’ve had this one now for over 7 years. i’m happy to not have a car payment, but i would love to have some of the new features that come with cars nowadays… like a GPS (even though i can get it from my phone), an AUX port for my iPhone (so i don’t have to use transmitter)… but i would really love a plug-in hybrid. i had my heart set on the Nissan Leaf ever since it came out (hubby’s co-worker has one) because i don’t really drive much during the day and i can plug it in every night to recharge. but before i can think about getting a new car, i really need to clean the garage to make room for a second car.

oh boy, i’m rambling… have a good evening! i’ll talk to you tomorrow. XOXO Kathleen

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