the daily overdosage: Monday, February 25, 2013

giving up buying makeup during Lent was a BAD idea… i have broken it so many times… why did i even bother putting that on the list? i bought 4 nail polishes today, even though they were only $1.99 each, but still, i went against my word. i am so weak! i’m drawn to pretty little things…

currently i’m on the hunt for the 2 new Wet n Wild 8-pan palettes which are part of their spring collection. i went to 2 Walgreens and 2 CVSs today and came up empty. i know i’m really early starting my hunt because there has only been one sighting reported on Nouveau Cheap. and from my experience, they start showing up at the drug stores around me about 2 weeks or so after they’ve been first spotted… so i have plenty of time to wait. i think the last time they released new 8-pan palettes i didn’t find them until a month or so later when Tess were hanging out and we happen to step into a Walgreens (on the other side of town) and found all of them. this was the Sparkle ’til Morning, Drink a Glass of Shine, and one other. i need to learn to be patient! LOL (yeah, right…)

i finally got a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. i had held off on getting one for the longest time because i thought i didn’t need one… but since i’ve been blogging again, i’ve been neglecting my iPad. i’ve only been using it to watch YouTube and that’s it. also, i still find it difficult to type properly (with both hands) by touch. i make too many mistakes. i’d rather have a physical keyboard if i were to type long-form. so i tested the bluetooth keyboard in the Notes app on the iPad and it worked perfectly! no delays whatsoever. so when we go out of town this weekend, i’ll be able to post something to the blog no matter how short.

i took a picture of the keyboard earlier today, and it’s the ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ Keyboard Case Cover for iPad 2/3/4. so i had to remove the pink Smart Cover and replace it with this case. it also turns off the screen when it’s closed. the only thing i don’t like is that it adds one extra pound to the iPad… but the one thing i love is that this keyboard is backlit and i can change the color to red, purple, yellow, green, white, light blue, and dark blue. it’s so cool! i’ve been looking for a backlit keyboard for my iMac, but i haven’t been able to find one that i like. so i’m just going to stick with the Apple wired keyboard that i bought when i got my MacBook in 2008.

geez, it’s been super windy tonight… it’s been non-stop. very loud, too. in the Texas Panhandle, they’ve been pummeled with snow. yeah, a blizzard! we get all types of weather here in North Texas.

btw, if you’re not subscribed to my other channel hellodaysies i uploaded a fun video of me and the hubby taste testing the newest Lay’s chip flavors sriracha, chicken & waffles, and cheesy garlic bread. this channel isn’t really my vlog channel like how other beauty gurus have vlog/second channels (non-beauty). it’s more like a channel where i can upload random videos. totally disconnected from my beauty channel. that’s kind of why i’m still uploading my “on the go” vlogs on prettydaysies because they’re still mostly beauty-related with a smidge of non-beauty clips. i don’t think i need a separate vlog channel yet since i don’t do them often. i’m still experimenting with them and having fun with filming random short snippets and then splicing them together into one video at the end of the week.

anyway, it’s almost midnight and i need to get to bed… i just want to say thanks for stopping by my blog and reading about my day… it really means a lot to me! see y’all tomorrow! XOXO

4 thoughts on “the daily overdosage: Monday, February 25, 2013

  1. Hey Kathleen! those new Wet n Wild 8 pan palettes look really nice. I hope you find them soon! I don’t think I have much of a chance of finding them here, so I look forward to hearing about them from you. Love your iPad keyboard. My husband is on the hunt for one of those things. I know what you mean about touch typing……it’s just not the same as a keyboard.

  2. I can’t wait to try sriracha. Went looking for it today but didn’t see it or the other flavors…although that’s the only one I wanted to try. I told my friends at dinner about your taste testing video and showed them your instagram pic of the chips…I thought waffles and fried chicken was the weirdest thing ever, but my friend started drooling and was like…that is amaaaaaaazing!! She loves southern food. Me….not so much! hehehe. Now we’re gonna have to find these flavors!!

    1. i’ve only found them at Walgreens (but i haven’t really looked for them in other places like Walmart, etc)… hubby finished the sriracha and i finished off the cheesy garlic bread. the chicken and waffles is an interesting taste. it’s sweeter than salty. i guess it would be like mixing in chocolate with popcorn? (never tried that.) but yeah, chicken and waffles is definitely a southern thing! Grin

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