the daily overdosage: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

here’s a secret… today’s my & my hubby’s 19th anniversary of the day we decided to become girlfriend & boyfriend! the catch is we hadn’t even met in person yet… we’ve only seen each others’ pictures! isn’t that hilarious? i think it’s hilarious today but back then it was taboo! there was no way i was going to tell anyone that i have never met my boyfriend yet. actually, i think in today’s day and age, this is happening more frequently! but back in 1994, you wouldn’t want to admit that. hell no! LOL at least i didn’t want to admit that to anyone… except i think i did to my friends but not anyone in my family. but i can admit to this now because we’ve been married for 13.5 years (will be 14 years in July). he was my first boyfriend and my first kiss. i would do this all over again… except that i would move to Washington state instead of him moving to Texas.

so i finally got some ink for my printer… yay! we had gotten this printer from hubby’s co-worker for $20, i think. i don’t print much but i wanted a printer so i could print out coupons.. and some small things. when i got around to printing coupons, the ink had dried up (or ran out) and then i was too lazy to remember to get the model number of the printer so i can get more ink. i finally remembered today and went to Office Depot to pick it up.

i went to another CVS and Walgreens today to look for those Wet n Wild palettes (obsessed!) and they didn’t have it. i need to wait until next week to start my hunt again… or maybe when i go to Houston, i’ll be able to find it. i hope so! it’s the thrill of the hunt…

hubby pre-ordered SimCity and i’ve been watching videos on YouTube about the game play. i stumbled upon a really good YT channel where the guy had access to the closed beta (he has a press pass) and he’s been walking through the tutorial and then setting up a new town. i’ve never really played SimCity before… i’ve always watched hubby play it. i’ve had it installed on my PC but not on my iMac or MacBook. the new one comes out on March 5th and i’m really impressed with the game play! the reason why i’ve never really gotten hooked to playing it is because it’s really hard to manage a whole city. i loved The Sims 2 because i was only in control of one house. i could have many houses with many characters but you are only in control of one house at a time. and i also riddled my games with hacks that overrode the game play. that way i wouldn’t have to micromanage my Sim and she could do whatever she wanted without peeing herself, going hungry, getting stinky, going broke, getting sick, and all that stuff that would make you lose points. my game was perfect but then i got tired of it. it got boring… but i couldn’t live without the hacks because then i would have to do all that micromanaging again. and that’s why i didn’t really get into The Sims 3 because it was the same thing all over again. but with The Sims 3, i just didn’t like the look of the Sims. i liked how my Sim in TS2 looked more cartoony to me. in TS3, they started to look more like animated characters in a cartoon (Pixar/Disney) and i just didn’t like that. i think i bought the first game and an expansion pack and then i quit altogether.

i’m going to try my hand at SimCity. i’m going to want a better graphics card now for my iMac but then i would have to get a new iMac. so i hope that the graphics card that came with this can handle the graphics rendering in the game. i don’t want to have to turn down the settings to play it. hubby just bought a really nice graphics card for his PC when we went to Fry’s the other day. it has 4GB of onboard RAM on it! mine is nothing like that. my iMac is from 2010 and i don’t think the graphics card is that great. i can’t get a new computer for another few years so i have to make do with what i have… and i’m not about to get a PC just to play one game. i’m itching to put The Sims 2 back on this computer. i had it on my MacBook but it was so slow and choppy. then again, my MacBook is from 2008 and is old. we’ll have to see. i’m just going to keep on watching those YouTube videos because it’s fun to see what he does in the game. knowing me, the first thing i’m going to look for is a money cheat. i did that ALL the time with The Sims 2. i just want to play God in my town! LOL but i don’t think i’m going to look for hacks and things. i’m just going to play the game the way it’s meant to be played (except with a money cheat). so if my own videos start to get really crappy and boring, you’ll know why.

lastly, i went to visit my neighbor’s daughter’s school tonight. it was Open House and all the parents (and grandparents and aunties and uncles) came to see the teachers, the artwork, and the classrooms. i hadn’t been to an elementary school, let alone a kindergarten room, in YEARS! i can’t wait until C starts kindergarten, which will be in the Fall of 2014! i can’t believe that… so at the school i felt like a giant because everything was so small and low to the ground. of course, i was not surprised that some of these kids were really tall, too! i was really tiny all throughout school. we went from room to room and met all the teachers, including their elective teachers, like art, music, spanish… can you believe they’re being taught Spanish now in kindergarten? i did not learn any foreign language until i was in the 6th grade. we had art, music, PE, and all that in elementary school, but no Spanish. i wish i had that! times have changed since i started in kindergarten in 1980. wow… that’s 33 years ago that i was in kindergarten. i’m old.

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  1. I met my husband through an online dating website. To this day, my parents believe we met through a mutual friend! They would think it soooo weird, but it’s not so taboo these days. My hubby and I have been together for 9 years. <3

    A lot of retailers except e-coupons or showing them the coupon on your phone…at least out here they do. That's nice 'cause I hate printing out coupons and it saves paper. Maybe you can ask if they accept coupons off your phone. Smile

    1. i confessed to my parents how hubby and i met… but i did tell them that we met thru a friend, too, because technically i did! it was my roommate from down the hall… she was in a chat room and told me to join and introduced him to me. Grin

      i have shown some coupons but if i had a bunch, i’d rather just hand them a bunch of coupons on paper than flip thru my phone. it’s just like sometimes writing it down is faster than typing! LOL

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