the daily overdosage: Sunday, March 3, 2013

oops. i’ve kind of neglected this blog the past few days! i think it’s going to be put on the back burner this week, too… my sister, her husband, and my 2 nieces (who i just visited over the weekend) will be coming into town this Wednesday evening (late) and will be staying until Sunday. so that means i gotta crank out the videos before i go to where they’re staying since they won’t be staying with me. i already have to film tomorrow’s video early tomorrow so i can get it published by 10:00 am (if possible) and i already have Friday’s video planned, but i have the middle portion of the week to plan out, too… and i haven’t got a clue what to film… i’ll just have to wing it, i suppose.

this weekend was a lot of fun! my eldest niece had her birthday on Saturday (her real birthday it tomorrow, the 4th) and the party was at her house. when hubby and i arrived on Friday, we hung out at my parents’ house (where we normally stay) and then had dinner with hubby’s dad at Olive Garden. after dinner, i dropped off hubby back at my parents’ and then i went to my sister’s house (who lives like 2 minutes away from them) to help out with the party stuff. i made all the gift bags and the birthday banner and that all took a long time. i didn’t get home until 11:00 or so.

the next morning, i went back to her house to help frost and decorate the cupcakes and to make more gift bags. that took a few more hours. i went back to my parents’ to get ready (change my clothes & put on makeup) and we all headed over around noon. my mom and my sister’s mother-in-law made all the food (except for the snacks and a tray of Subway sandwiches). there was a bounce house in the backyard as well as a sno cone machine. holy moly it was COLD outside! but it didn’t stop the kids from jumping in the bounce house and eating sno cones. of course, no 4-year old birthday part would be complete without a bloody nose, a cut on the arm, and somebody crying.

all in all, the party was a success! all the kids had fun as well as the parents. there were some leftovers but not so much because there were small waves of guests who came throughout the day. i didn’t go back to my parents’ until 9:00. sometime during the party, when most of the guests started to leave, hubby and i left with my parents, but i came back by myself so i can play with my nieces some more.

one thing that made me very happy was that i was able to hold baby J for a long time! as long as i distracted her by pointing at all the cartoon characters on her uncle’s shirt or pointing at all the kids in the bounce house or pointing at the fish in the fish tank, she was fine and didn’t cry… and i had to keep an eye out for her mommy & daddy because if she could see them, she would cry for them. some other people were able to hold her, too, and she didn’t shed any tears. i was so happy because that gave my sister and my brother-in-law a break from having to carry her all the time. C never had a problem when she was a baby. she let anyone hold her and she could sleep through anything, too. oh, well, every baby is different. i’m just glad that she let me hold her for as long as i did… but i think she still prefers to look at me (and smile at me) from a distance. i will take what i can get!

other than this past weekend, i’ve really had nothing interesting to share… i’m feeling a little burn out making videos but i’m going to just power through it… if i actually take a break, i feel like i’m going to take a very long break and i don’t want to do that. i think i’m going to do a few more tags to fill in the gaps. i hope you don’t mind! tags are not my favorite videos to watch, but it’s nice to share a little bit more about me once in a while. i had a blast doing the 80’s tag! that brought back a lot of memories. anyway, i hope you all had a great weekend! thanks for stopping by! XOXO Kathleen

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