the daily overdosage: Tuesday, March 5, 2013

i’ve been in a bummed mood all day… the reason is really stupid, but i just felt stupid because i did it. so SimCity came out today… hubby was downloading it this morning and i was kind of jealous that he was going to be able to play the game before me. so i did some research and i thought i did enough research so i downloaded the game onto my iMac. stupid me, i thought the game i was downloading would be compatible with OSX and it turns out it was not and that the OSX version would be out sometime this Spring. and to make matters worse, i bought the deluxe edition (with all the extra themes to download) and it was the expensive one of the two versions… and on top of that, it was a digital download and you can’t get refunds on digital downloads. UGH! so i was sooooo bummed because we had just paid off the credit card and i was going to make a HUGE effort to not rack it up again with frivolous purchases. and of course, i buy this stupid game without researching enough to see if this version was going to be compatible with my iMac. the thing is, i went to the SimCity website and they had specs for the OSX but clearly ignoring the fact that “PC download” is not the same as “MAC download.” i really don’t know what i was thinking… but i was able to download it to hubby’s spare Windows laptop (which has Windows 8 developer’s edition) and i was able to get it to work.

well, “work” is a relative term because the servers were SLAMMED with people trying to play. what is wrong with Origin and making us have to connect to a server to play a game? it was never like that with the previous SimCity games. but now you have to connect to a server even if you are playing a standalone game. there are social features to SimCity (5 or 2013, whatever you want to call it) but you don’t have to interact with anyone if you don’t have to… and because of that, you shouldn’t have to connect to a server. the Sims 2 was nothing like that. you’d only have to connect to the server if you needed to patch your game.

i didn’t get to play SimCity on the other laptop at all tonight anyway… the servers were slammed as i said and because of that, i couldn’t claim a city to play with nor could i get the tutorial to work properly. hubby is able to play his game, but i don’t like watching over anyone’s shoulder for any length of time. i wanna play, too! so what i did (before we got it installed on the spare laptop) was install The Sims 3 and all the expansion packs and stuff packs on my iMac because they were all compatible. i totally forgot i had purchased a lot of the expansion packs! i actually had 4 expansion packs and 2 stuff packs. i’m missing everything after Generations which means i still have 6 more EPs to download… and that goes for stuff packs, too… i’m missing everything after Fast Lane SP which means i still have 6 more SPs to download. WOW! i’m so behind.

the one i’m looking forward to installing is Seasons because I LOVED the Seasons expansion pack for The Sims 2. that was my favorite EP of all because you could plant a garden, trees, fish, and cook lots of good food. i didn’t realize that The Sims 3 had so many EPs already. i don’t think The Sims 2 had that many. i went back to my old stomping grounds of Mod the Sims (it was called Mod the Sims 2/MTS2 when i was still co-admin of that forum) and i read a news post that the official site of The Sims 2 was taken down already. i really loved the way the Sims looked in TS2. i’m not too crazy about how they look in TS3 and that’s partly why i didn’t want to play it. also, i didn’t want to get into hacking my game or adding a lot of downloads to the game either causing it to go slow… but i will miss adding mods and hacks into my game to get rid of the annoying things you have to deal with. i kinda wanted to install MySims but i only had the PC version… hmmm… i wonder if i can install it on this laptop (my Dell Inspiron 1521 that has Windows 7).

anyway, due to my bummed mood, i didn’t feel like putting up a proper video today. all i put up was the secret giveaway winner announcement video. so i totally skipped out on tarte Tuesday… but i have one already filmed for tomorrow… and i have 2 more that i have to crank out before my sister and her family get into town. they’re not staying with me but i will be spending a lot of time with them because i’m sure my brother-in-law will need some help with the girls while my sister is attending her seminar. i can’t wait to see C and J again! oh, i totally forgot to blog yesterday but it was my eldest niece C’s 4th birthday! i can’t believe she’s already 4. time flies! i sang Happy Birthday to her on the phone but their internet was down so i couldn’t FaceTime which means she probably wasn’t paying attention to me. and my sister told me she ran away from the phone while i was singing. LOL oh, well! we’re going to be hitting up all their favorite places to eat… since it’s been 2 years since they’ve been here. and do you see why i don’t like to drive to Houston all the time? i want people to come visit me for a change! oh, well… what can you do.

i’ve rambled on LONG enough… thanks for sitting through all this chatter about computer games. by the way, do you play any games? on your phone/iPad, computer, console? just curious… XOXO

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