the daily overdosage: Sunday, March 10, 2013

oh boy… i’ve neglected this blog again. well, for the past few days, i’ve been hanging out with my sister K2, her hubby, and their 2 little girls as they were in town while my sister was attending a conference. so i hardly spent any time watching YouTube (except for a handful of videos) because i spent a lot of time with them going around town and visiting some of their favorite restaurants. then this morning, around the time change, i woke up all of a sudden, kind of feeling lousy, and i was about half asleep for a couple of hours while i checked a few things on my phone until i fell back asleep. then later on this afternoon, i fell asleep watching YouTube Let’s Play videos on SimCity and The Sims 3.

so yeah… i’m still feeling a bit lousy now. i’m not sure what happened. maybe it’s because i was out and about for hours, which is out of the norm since i’m always at home… and when i do go out, i’m only out for a couple of hours (unless i’m hanging out with friends). also, i’ve been feeling really burnt out lately. i don’t know why. i think it’s because i want to do something else for a change. i definitely think that buying SimCity is a big part of it… i’ve been watching these “Let’s Play” videos on YouTube like crazy (which i had NO idea that gamers recorded themselves playing video games and made commentary). then when SimCity wasn’t working (because of high server load), i installed The Sims 3 and all i wanted to do is browse my old stomping grounds Mod the Sims for hacks and mods to make my game play better.

i have my weekly vlog video almost ready to go… i just have to finalize the video, export it, and upload it to YouTube. i would’ve had it up already (because i’ve been uploading them on Sundays) but i think i’m going to upload them on Mondays. i know that Mondays are reserved for bareMinerals, but i think i’m going to either take a break on the videos until March 22 (when Jessica Foust will be on QVC for 3 shows) or until April when i get my packages from QVC if i buy anything from those shows. i think part of my burn out is that i’ve been putting the breaks on buying makeup, like in large quantities. when i don’t have anything new to show, i feel like i have nothing to talk about. i know that sounds dumb. there are so many other videos that i can do. i know that i’ve been behind on making tags, too. so for now, i’m going to upload my weekly vlog on Mondays and then the rest will be makeup-related, possibly getting back into talking about nail polish (and also polishing my nails).

and that’s why i’ve kinda neglected this blog, too… i have nothing to talk about and i just don’t feel like writing anything. i’m still keeping up with Twitter (of course) and my daily (or more) Instagram pictures so if you don’t see anything on the blog, you can always follow me on Twitter and Instagram (links at the bottom of the page). sorry for the crappy blog update… i hope to feel a little less crappy tomorrow!

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