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upcoming QVC shows in April for bareMinerals & preview shopping event for new products

i’m a little behind in posting bareMinerals news so i thought i would quickly do it here…

starting today and tomorrow (April 11 & 12), bareMinerals is having a preview shopping event on their website (and possibly their boutiques, too). all you get is free shipping (use code MAY at checkout), but don’t forget to go through Ebates first for 4% cash back! anything helps! if you miss this sale, don’t worry, they products will be hitting all the retail stores and boutiques in May.

the only items that really stood out to me were the Addicted to Peach set (new loose eye color & new READY 2.0 eye shadow duo) and the Marvelous Moxie lipsticks. i’m going to be very good and hold off on getting any of the Marvelous Moxie lipsticks because i want to see swatches… but the one in Raise the Bar (pearlescent raspberry) is calling out to me… or if Joy demos them on QVC and then of course, i will just cave! LOL i think i’m going to get the Addicted to Peach set because the duo (if sold separately) is $20, the loose eye color is $14, and the Moxie gloss (which is also new) is $18… the whole set is $49. there are also a few new colors in the Marvelous Moxie lipgloss line, but i’m getting new glosses already in the Beautifully Brilliant TSV from QVC (and i just got my 2nd shipment!!!) so i’m not going to get any of them on their own. i’ve only bought one individually from last year’s summer collection, and thankfully, it hasn’t shown up in another kit.

there are also new Marvelous Moxie lipliners, but i already have 2 from the original line and since i don’t really use lipliners (i’m trying to!) i’m passing them up as well. other than those few noticeably new items, i’m going to get the Peach set and that’s it. i can wait patiently for everything else.

also, bareMinerals will be on QVC all day on April 20th. they’ll have 4 shows! my DVR will be smokin’! Smile
Saturday, April 20, 2013
Midnight – 2 a.m. ET
3 – 4 a.m. ET
2 – 4 p.m. ET
6 – 8 p.m. ET

i know they’ll going to be showing the new neutral READY 8.0 palette. i’ve seen a picture of it on Instagram and that was it. it’s going to be more of a traditional neutral palette, than their “pseudo” neutral Star Treatment 8.0 palette. you know i’m getting that one because i love me some big eyeshadow palettes! LOL also, it looks like some of the shades in this 8.0 are similar to the ones in the new eye base READY 4.0 in Comfort Zone. i passed that one up because i have so many light/pale/beige loose shadows that i could not justify having them in pressed form. i could say that about their pressed eye shadows, but let’s not go there, mmmkay? Wink

they’ll also be debuting their new TSV. they usually have a color TSV in the fall and face TSV in the spring. you can get this kit individually or choose auto-delivery, which means a new kit will come every few months. i’m actually going to be passing up this TSV because it includes the READY foundation. i haven’t finished the one READY foundation compact i already have so this TSV is not for me. (must keep on making better makeup purchases!) i’m also not a big fan of their READY blushes either. i’ve shown in my videos that it gets a weird, patchy film on them even when i use clean, dry brush. i can scratch off the film, but the fact that there is a film is annoying to me. plus, the one that comes with the kit is a blush/luminizer duo, and i already have the luminizer in The Love Letter and i hardly reach for it. so the only thing that i would really miss is the Marvelous Moxie lipgloss but i’m sure that color will show up in another kit… but if not, oh, well… no big loss to me. however, if you are new to bareMinerals and you want to try out their READY foundation, this is kit is prefect for you! you also get their stroke of light liquid highlighter and their famous bisque (concealer in loose form). the kit is $69.96 and you can pay it all at once or in 3 installments (easy pay) of $23.32.

i think that’s it for now… i’m excited to add a few new things to my ever-so-growing collection. and i’m looking forward to watching these shows. i learn a lot of their tips & tricks by watching these shows. btw, if you’re not in the States, you can still watch the presentations on let me know if you pick up anything new from the preview shopping event or after watching their QVC shows! thanks for stopping by! Smile xoxo

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