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Mani Mondays – nail blogger collaboration


hey everyone! i’m sooo excited for this opportunity to be a part of a really great group of girls who love nail polish as much as i do. my dear friend Lindsay created this collaboration project and a bunch of girls joined, myself included, and my other dear friend Erica. actually, i just joined the other day when i was reading Lindsay’s blog, and i was like, “i need to jumpstart my blog!” and what better way to do it with blog posts about nails, which i have been completely obsessed with lately! i’ve already been faithfully posting pictures on Instagram whenever i change my polish, but now i will get to practice my writing chops and elaborate on the nail polish i chose to wear. so please bear with me if i overuse the words “pretty,” “gorgeous,” “sparkly,” and all that… i will extend my descriptive vocabulary with each post i write.

so with Mani Mondays, each week there will be a theme. this week’s theme is “anything goes” or “whatever you want.” it’s more of an intro post to this blogger collaboration… so what i’d like to do with Mani Mondays is to continue swatching my untrieds in my massive nail polish collection. i would also like to try my hand at nail art using dotting tools, freehand drawing (wish me luck!), and anything else that i find inspiring. so anyway, i thought i would kick it off with a comparison post between Zoya‘s Tomoko, from their new fall 2013 PixieDust collection, and Godiva, from their original PixieDust collection from 2012. i am obsessed with textured polishes! my favorite are the ones with shimmer.

(you can click on any picture to make them bigger…)



i did a half & half mani using Tomoko and Godiva. (here’s a full mani of Godiva.) Tomoko is on my pointy finger and middle finger and Godiva is on my ring finger and my pinky (and thumb). i’m holding Tomoko in the top picture and Godiva in the bottom. as you can see Tomoko is much more shiny and sparkly. Godiva is a lot more muted and comes off as more matte. from far away, you can probably not tell the difference in shade or sheen, but up close, Tomoko is has a bit more of a yellow gold tone whereas Godiva has more of a beige-y, champagne tone. also, Tomoko seems to pack on the bling by tenfold! you can definitely get away with wearing Tomoko in one coat, but with all my manicures, i always go for two coats (or one very thick coat). i also normally do not put a top coat on top of textured polishes of any brand, but i have in the past and it really brings out the shimmer or glitter.



here’s just another comparison picture between the two polishes. in the top picture, my back is towards the window and you can see that both polishes are almost identical to each other. Tomoko still appears to be more shiny. in the bottom picture, i’m facing the window this time, and you can really tell the difference between the intensity of the shimmer between the two polishes. i will add that the PixieDusts polishes (or Pixies, as i would like to call them) are a bit harder to clean up around the cuticles because of the tiny glitter/shimmer particles. i was a bit hasty during this application, but normally, i don’t have any problem staying away from my cuticles when applying nail polish because i simply don’t want to have to deal with the clean up.

all in all, do you need both PixieDust polishes? probably not… but if you’re a collector like me, they have enough differences to justify being added to my collection. (let’s just be honest here… i want ALL the PixieDusts that Zoya releases! there i said it.)

thank you to those who found me and added me on Bloglovin’! it’s a great application to follow your favorite blogs. i’m very bad at commenting, but i do love reading blogs and looking at pictures. i hope to be better with blogging and taking pictures and commenting! i’m already thinking about what to do for next week’s theme which is Accent Nail (August 5th). thanks for stopping by! XOXO Kathleen

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