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Mani Mondays – Accent Nail


yay, it’s Mani Monday again! this week’s theme is Accent Nail. i remember when i first heard the term “accent nail” from Lorraine on her YT channel TheCurrentCustom. she would always paint her ring finger a different color. i’m sure she wasn’t the first one who came up with that idea, but she is the one who kicked off the trend on YouTube. i always wanted to know what color she would pick for her next manicure. i bought quite a few polishes from watching her videos like the infamous OPI Dating a Royal. i never really tried doing an accent nail except very recently (no reason why).

Lorraine would always use her ring finger, but you could choose any nail as your accent. basically, you are just accenting one (or more than one) nail with a different color, glitter top coat, texture, or even nail art (if you have a steady hand). for this week’s theme, you might be familiar with the main color i’m already wearing in this picture. yup, it’s one of the new Wet n Wild megalast polishes that i picked up on a CRAZY shopping spree at Dollar General the other day. the color is Hot Candy and WOWZERS it’s bright! i haven’t been able to stop looking at my nails since i painted them yesterday… and i couldn’t bring myself to remove it so i thought i would just replace the ring finger with a different color and a glitter topper!


for my accent nail base, i used China Glaze in Sunday Funday, which is a bright, creamy, sky blue.

then for the glitter topper, i used another Wet n Wild megalast polish in Mixing it Up which i thought paired with it nicely because the blue glitter matched perfectly! adding glitter to any existing manicure also helps prolong the life of the color you’re currently wearing (and also hides chips, dings, and bubbles as well!)

next week’s theme is Favorite Neon… i already know what i’m going to use! woohoo!

off topic, i’m listening to the New Kids on the Block CD 10 because they just finished their tour last night… i keep finding myself chair dancing and singing along and not finishing up this blog post! LOL it has to be the BEST concert i’ve ever been to… from getting 5* VIP tickets, after party tickets, AND front row at the concert… OMG it was one of the best nights of my life! i’m forever a blockhead! thanks for reading! XOXO Kathleen

5 thoughts on “Mani Mondays – Accent Nail

  1. AMAZING and, hey.. couldn’t stop remembering my NKOTB night either! It really was the best concert of theirs I have been to and I have been to A LOT of them… can’t pinpoint WHY it was the best, it just was!

    Great mani this week and I love that you used two of your new polishes too!! Thanks for sharing sister xxx

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