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Mani Mondays – Favorite Neon


it’s time for another Mani Monday post! yay! i always get so excited to write this weekly post. ever since i joined this group, my love for nail polish has skyrocketed about tenfold! my collection is bursting at the seams! i love it though… i’m getting to play with new colors, revisit old favorites, and try my hand at some nail art for a change! i’m having the time of my life!

so this week’s theme is Favorite Neon. i chose a wild color this week! get your sunglasses out because this one is bright, bright, bright! i’m really new to neons so i don’t have a particular favorite, but i might have to say that Wet n Wild megalast in Hot Candy that i wore last week is probably my favorite so far… but since my goal is to not repeat any colors this year, i chose a color that i thought i would never wear. the color is Lemon Drop by Wet n Wild from their megalast collection that is sold at Dollar General. holy moly! it’s like highlighter yellow!


i rarely take pictures of my manicures outside because the sun is always in a weird spot… plus, i’m still in my sleep clothes and i don’t really want my neighbors to see what i’m wearing. LOL in this picture, i layered 2 coats of Lemon Drop on top of 1 coat of Wet n Wild wild shine in A Blank Canvas (from their Pop Art collection). as you can see, it’s still a bit streaky. (also, i didn’t apply a top coat.) i probably could’ve done a third coat but then i would risk some bubbling. someone left a comment on my China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy mani on Instagram saying that if i have a color that tends to go on streaky, i should layer with white, then a matte top coat, and then the streaky color. i didn’t try that with this mani, but it’s something to try in the future!


here is the same mani where my back is facing my window so that i could try to catch the sun directly onto my nails. i think i’m blind now! LOL


and just to show you how it looks like without a base, this is my right hand with 3 coats of Lemon Drop. you can see it’s still very sheer (they were not thick coats) and you can see my smile line (where my nail growth starts). i would definitely choose to use a white base over wearing it alone.

so what is your favorite neon nail polish color to wear? the summer is almost over (in the states) and soon we’ll be busting out our darker, more vampy shades. while there’s still some time, rock the brights and try not to blind your friends. in fact, they will ask you, “what are you wearing on your nails???” to find the rest of the girls in our Mani Monday nail polish group, check the bottom of the blog for all the links to their blogs! next week’s theme is Glitter! thanks for reading and have a great Monday! XOXO Kathleen

10 thoughts on “Mani Mondays – Favorite Neon

  1. WOW… that is a super bright yellow, almost like Glowstick by Orly!! LOVE IT! You made me laugh when I read about going out in sleep clothes… you should see the stuff I wear when I go outside to my mailbox on days I stay home from work. I will walk down the street in just about anything! HAHAHA!! No shame Wink

    1. i love when you show the polishes outside, but in the morning, the sun is at the front of my house (which is where my office/makeup room is) and my room gets so hot! LOL and in the back of the house, which is where i would love to take pictures from is dark… but i do wear my sleep clothes when i take Tom to work! HAHA!!!

    1. i’ve been to 3 Dollar Generals and 2 of them had the extended collection and 1 didn’t… so it might be sporadic! i would check other DGs… i finally have the entire collection which is more than 40 colors (not counting the base collection)… i will do a video on this sometime soon! Grin

    1. Anca, i think you and i chose the same yellow! some of the Spoiled by Wet n Wild polishes were renamed and rebottled into the Wet n Wild megalast line (sold at Dollar General) and the neons from the Spoiled line were part of that. too funny we chose the same yellow! — Kathleen xoxo

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