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Mani Mondays – Favorite Glitter


it’s Monday again and that means another Mani Monday post! this week’s theme is Favorite Glitter, and i have to be honest… despite the massive amounts of glitter polishes i have purchased over the years, i have not really worn a lot (if any) of glitter polishes until this year! what turned me off of glitter was that it was such a pain to remove. however, after stumbling across a picture (or was it a video) on Instagram of someone who was showing the products they used to remove their polishes, i had to pick up one of those tubs of acetone with the bristles inside. i couldn’t find the picture again but i was texting Jayne late one night and she showed me a picture of the one she used. it was the Target Up & Up brand and it was called Nail Polish Remover Dip-It (i just call it Dip-It). i found it at the bottom shelf of my Target. when i got home, i immediately had to try it with the manicure i had on. OMG what an eye opener that was! the bristles inside the container did the trick. they hugged each finger securely (and i have short, tiny fingers) and after a few twists inside the container, most, if not all, the glitter (or any polish) came off. sometimes the bigger pieces of glitter stuck to the nails, but it was easy just to flick off. holy moly! if you can find this type of polish remover, it is a must-have!


i know that Walmart sells their own in the Onyx brand, but i have not tried that but it is very much the same with the rubber bristles inside. and once you’re done with the acetone, you can clean it out in the sink and just refill it with whatever acetone you already have on hand. what a steal!

okay, now back to the manicure! i decided to swatch one of the glitter polishes that i haven’t hauled yet on video. actually, i’m using two polishes i haven’t shown yet on video! i was late to buying this line of polishes from Maybelline when they came out last fall/winter, i believe. in fact, i held off on buying any of the Color Show polishes because i just didn’t need another brand to get addicted to (too late). when i started seeing swatches of the Sequins line on Instagram, i knew i had to get them. i have 3 out of the 8 so far but i think i will stick to the ones that have multiple colors. (we’ll have to see!) so i chose Sapphire Masquerade.



it is a beautiful navy blue glitter (almost looks purple or “blurple” in the bottle) of many different sizes of round glitters interspersed with fuchsia pink glitter which is what drew me in! this is just one (and a smidge) layer of the polish on top of Wet n Wild megalast Dark Side of the Blues (you can only find this color at Dollar General).


i only used one sheer layer of the WnW polish first because the Sapphire Masquerade was a bit sheer going on its own. it wasn’t in a clear base either (not that i could tell). i could’ve just done two layers of Sapphire Masquerade but the glitter was so dense that i didn’t want to end up with super thick nails. i also hadn’t put on a top coat yet. i always forget to do so. but i love how it turned out! the fuchsia pink glitter just added such dimension to the polish! i much prefer glitter polishes that are made up of multiple colors.

and if you made it this far, i just wanted to share that right before i took pictures of this manicure, i did apply the NYX nail regrowth treatment to my cuticles and sides of the nails. it was just an easy way to freshen up my cuticles (after doing clean up with acetone).


i have no idea if it’s working for me since i’m still using Nail Magic as a base coat, but i bought the NYX one off Cherry Culture on a whim a long time ago and it had been sitting in my treatment & base/top coat stash forever. i need to invest in a cuticle pusher and a cuticle eraser! i don’t want to clip my cuticles either. i think that’s not a favorable thing to do in the nail blogger world and i might accidentally nick myself. i’ve also been trying to moisturize and apply cuticle cream every night. i still forget…

and last but not least (i’m really talkative in this blog post!) i am trying out the squared-off shape for my nails.


i’m not sure how i like it yet… the edges are rather sharp and i feel that they’ll snag on something and break off. and they’re not like 100% squared off either. there’s the tiniest bit of roundness on the edges but they’re definitely not “squoval” or rounded. we’ll have to see. i’m also doing laundry today so i have this mani on my left hand and my right hand has the SpaRitual polish i wore on yesterday to the baseball game. thanks so much for reading this extremely long blog post! LOL i hope you have a great day and see you on YouTube! XOXO Kathleen

10 thoughts on “Mani Mondays – Favorite Glitter

  1. So pretty!! I do a square-ish nail. That is my biggest nail trouble…shaping. summer always equals short short nails. I do a bit longer in colder less busy months. I am thinking of starting a blog so I can get in on the mani monday fun. Plus I feel I have so much to say when it comes to nail polish!!

    1. OMG please do a blog! then you can be added to Mani Mondays, too! i’m sure you are bursting at the seams! LOL it’s so easy to do… i just helped Jayne create hers! the only thing you’ll need to do is find the right name… just go to Blogger since you already have a gmail account. Grin xoxo

    1. i’m trying to do the whole squared off nail… i think i’ve been sporting the squoval for a while and i want to try something new. the thing is, i keep on touching the corners/edges of my nails because they are so sharp! i feel like they’re going to break any minute! LOL and yes, i forgot to mention in the post that you are totally the blame for me wearing the Sapphire Masquerade color… i saw Rose Bling (which i don’t have) and i had to wear something similar! LOL xoxo

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