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Mani Mondays – Fancy French


time for another Mani Monday post! today’s theme is Fancy French (or Funky French)… i chose 3 textured polishes which have been my favorite type of polishes to wear since it came into trend this year.



for the base, i used one of the new Wet n Wild polishes that came out in the Beauty Army / Tough Girl collection. this one is called Femme Trouper and is a light beige champagne textured polish. the texture in this polish isn’t very rough as let’s say the Zoya PixieDust or OPI liquid sand, but it’s still textured enough that you can still feel it. for the French tips, i used another textured polish from the accessory store Claire’s in the color Paradise. Claire’s calls their textured polishes “sand” polishes. then i wrapped my tips (which means to apply color to the edges of my nails, inspired by my friend Tonya (afreshtube) as she has been doing that lately with her NOTDs) with Zoya PixieDust in Arabella from their fall 2013 collection. the magenta pink adds that extra punch to the whole French manicure.


i was going to use some French tip guides that i bought from Walmart (brand is Nailene) but i decided to free-hand it. it’s still not even and i had to touch up on the edges. i try to hold the brush steady and move my finger instead. it’s still a work in progress!


check out the brush in the Wet n Wild polish Femme Trouper. i didn’t capture it very well, but it’s very wide and very bluntly cut. it’s not the best type of brush to use. while i love wide brushes, this one was too wide, too splayed out, and not fun to use. it got all over my cuticles and i had to really paint it slowly as to not make a big mess. there is no tapered cut to these brushes. i don’t know why Wet n Wild doesn’t use the same type of brush on all their nail polishes regardless of the line. anyway, thanks so much for stopping by! XOXO Kathleen

8 thoughts on “Mani Mondays – Fancy French

    1. Jaime, i would not recommend these WnW polishes… the brushes will drive you crazy! they splay out too much when you take it out of the bottle, but then when you actually paint your nails, they splay out even more and get polish on your skin.

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