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Mani Mondays – Canadian Thanksgiving


it’s Mani Monday again and it’s a holiday for both the US and Canada! today, it’s Columbus Day in the US, and it’s Thanksgiving in Canada! i always forget to wish my friends and family who live in Canada a Happy Thanksgiving so i’m so thankful that Lindsay themed this perfectly for today!


i was going to draw the maple leaf but i wasn’t feeling up to it… however i remembered that i had ONE bottle from the OPI Canadian collection that came out in 2004… the color i chose is Chocolate Moose. to be honest, i don’t think i’ve ever worn it until now! ugh, please forgive my cuticles… they are so ugly right now.


so this it’s like a creamy pinky brown shade… it’s very reminiscent of the colors i used to buy in the past… those “grandma” colors. LOL i never bought anything other than mauve, rose, browny pinks, and browns way back in the day… until i discovered color and glitter! i don’t think i’ve bought this shade ever again… i believe i showed this color in my “what’s in my stash? mannequin hands” video.

and i think i found the perfect spot to take my NOTD pictures! normally bathroom lighting isn’t the greatest, but i think my spare bathroom on the top floor of my townhouse has the best (as best as can be without building a light box) lighting to take pictures with. there’s an empty space right under the light switch and that’s what i’ve been using as my background! i don’t know why, but i’m really happy that i found something that works! LOL

anyway, i hope my Canadian friends & family had a great Thanksgiving today! ours will be in November 28th this year. the date changes each year but always remember that it’s always the fourth Thursday in November. thanks for stopping by! XOXO Kathleen

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