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Mani Mondays – gradient


so sorry this post is late! i filmed 2 videos today because i feel like i’m getting behind on what i’ve planned for this month. all the new bareMinerals and tarte holiday collections keep taking precedence! but i got today’s Mani Monday theme completed which is gradient!


i wanted to choose colors that were appropriate for fall. i used one that i’ve already hauled in a video which is Only in Creams by Spoiled by Wet n Wild. i used that one a a base and then again for the top of the gradient. then for the middle color and bottom color, i chose Classified (a greyish bluey-green) and Roaring (a dusty greyish blue), both by Sinful Colors that i picked up at Walmart.


for the gradient, i used a makeup sponge and tore bits & pieces off of it so it could have a more rough texture. someone left a comment on my first attempt at a gradient to make the surface of the sponge jagged so that the gradient would look more blended. and she was right!

blogmm1021133it’s best to lay down a base color first, the lightest color of the gradient, before applying the gradient itself. i think this helps with transitioning the first and second color together. to apply the gradient, paint the colors in stripes on the sponge and then dab the sponge over your nail. move the sponge up and down slightly on the nail so that the colors blend into each other. make sure that the polish hasn’t dried on the sponge before you do this otherwise nothing will transfer onto your nail. i did mess up on my ring finger the first time and then the second attempt didn’t go so well, but after i applied a top coat, it smoothed it all out. not bad for another gradient attempt. this is actually quite fun and a great way to test a bunch of colors at once! thanks for stopping by! XOXO Kathleen

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    1. thanks, Jaime! Jayme (from Her Late Night Cravings) said it looked like pottery! Smile i almost did the same thing with the same color family… i had a bunch of purples lined up, but i figure i should go for something more season appropriate… i was going for a more nautical theme, but i like the pottery theme as well! XOXO

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