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Mani Mondays – Metallic

manihi everyone! did you all have a great weekend? i had a great time relaxing at home. we did go out for a bit on Saturday to visit with my hubby’s aunt (his mom’s twin sister) as she and her husband drove into town from Vegas… we met them for lunch at a chicken & biscuit place called Chicken Scratch. it was really interesting! i had no idea there was such a place here, but it totally reminded me of Austin and their restaurants (lots of their restaurants have outdoor seating). it was so nice to catch up with them since it has been a few years since we saw them.

anyway, today is Mani Monday and the theme is metallic! i was never fond of metallic polishes because i found the metallic formula to be really streaky and you can see the brush strokes on your nails. however, i have been re-introduced to metallic nail polishes by seeing so many swatches of different brands and colors on Instagram. i got a sneak peak of what everyone else was wearing in our Mani Mondays FB group so i chose a color that i didn’t see used, which is red. when you think of metallic, you picture silver, gold, rose gold, copper, etc. i chose red because ’tis the season and i was just really curious to see how this one would look on my nails.

blogmm1104132i’m wearing Red Eye by Sinful Colors, a really inexpensive brand of polish you can buy at Walgreens (and Walmart). this came out recently in their Glitz & Glittered holiday 2013 collection. there were actually 4 different finishes (mini-collections) within this giant collection.

blogmm1104131i found this red metallic polish to be not streaky whatsoever! i’m not wearing a topcoat on it either (always a bad habit of mine of forgetting to apply a topcoat). i also love how shiny it is. it’s more of a Christmas red, in my opinion, but you can really rock this type of red all year long. and before you ask, i did buy all the other metallics from the Glitz & Glittered collection and i’ll be trying them on in the next couple of months. i think metallics are perfect to wear during the fall and winter. thanks for stopping by! XOXO Kathleen

2 thoughts on “Mani Mondays – Metallic

  1. I love these types of metallic polishes. They are more foiled. I think you will enjoy the others as well. I think only one from that collection is more of the streaky type…its a gold one if I remember correctly. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing weekend!! ♥

    1. yes, i think i like more of the foiled-looking metallics… is there one that’s like really metallic? i wonder if i have a few (i obviously have not swatched everything… i’m so far behind! LOL)… yes, it was nice to just veg but also visit with family we hadn’t seen in a while. Smile xoxo

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