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Mani Mondays – texture


oh yeah, my favorite theme: texture! i love me some texture polish! i own so many now! when a new collection of textured nail polishes come out, i just have to have them. i want all the textures! LOL

in case you don’t know, textured nail polishes are polishes that feel kind of like sand when you touch it. it’s quite a weird feeling when you first touch it… some people love it, some people hate it and can’t get used to it. it’s usually a fine grit texture, like sand paper (even though there are degrees of grit in sandpaper). the texture is not like your typical sandpaper which is what i’m trying to say. there are two types of texture: with micro-shimmer (and sometimes glitter) and without. i love texture with shimmer even though i do have a couple of bottles that don’t have shimmer and i bought them only because of the colors (and what i have planned for them). textured polishes also dry to a matte finish, but you can add a top coat which can transform the polish as well (it sometimes brings out the shimmer to a hole ‘nother dimension). okay, with that really bad description out of the way, let’s get to the polish at hand!


the polish i chose is actually one that i hadn’t hauled yet. i bought this on Friday from Sally Beauty Supply after seeing it on NouveauCheap‘s Instagram. FingerPaints just released a new collection called Enchanted Winter holiday collection 2013. i looked for more swatches of these polishes and could not find any except for the ones that NouveauCheap shared.


here’s a close up look of Enchanted Winter, which is the color that i’m wearing. it’s like a mauve-y pinky bronze-y shimmery color. i don’t think i had a color like this with a textured finish in my nail polish collection so i had to pick it up. i also love the new macro lens that i bought specifically for these types of pictures! the brand is Camkix and it retails on for $14.99. it comes with a fish eye lens and a wide-angle lense, covers for the lenses, and a little bag to hold everything. the macro lens just clips to your phone even if you have a case and it fits with a lot of different devices (including your laptop or tablet, if they are thin enough).


(L-R: Winter Chill (black with maybe a purple tinge), Enchanted Winter, Sparkle in the Sky (navy blue), and Spell Binding (berry red))

there are 6 colors in this collection but i only picked up 4. the other 2 not shown is a silver and a gold. i’m not buying anymore silver or gold textured polishes because i don’t really wear silver or gold on their own and i already have 3 or 4 (of each) from various brands and i would only wear them as accent nails. they were only $3.99 (on sale) at Sally Beauty Supply… and right now, they have a lot of FP polishes marked down to $2.99… looks like the logo is changing because i saw some of them with the new logo and FP is prominent on the bottle.

are you a fan of textured polishes? are you just now getting into them? i think every nail polish addict should own at least one. the colors in this collection are nice, and they are affordable (about less than half of a Zoya pixiedust) as they are on par with JulieG frosted gum drops. so i would give them a try! like i said, if you don’t like the slightly rough texture, you can still add a top coat and that’ll bring the shimmer out a lot more. thanks for stopping by! XOXO Kathleen

4 thoughts on “Mani Mondays – texture

  1. What a pretty color for a textured polish! I missed that FP had textured polished. I have grown to love the texture and wore my l’oreal ones for three daus …which you know is so unlike me! Just took it off and have make nails…can’t decide what I want to wear next. Smile

    1. there’s hardly any talk about FingerPaints and their textured line… it’s not even written on the display that it’s textured but i happen to catch it on NouveauCheap’s IG and i had to make note of it right away to look for it… i still need to find the L’Oreal gold dust polishes! that’s still on my list of must-haves! oh yeah, 3 days? wow! that shows love right there! LOL Smile xoxo

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