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Mani Mondays – favorite green


good morning everybody! well, it’s actually after 12, so good afternoon everybody! today’s Monday so it’s another Mani Mondays post! YAY!

the theme for today is favorite green and while i have a lot of greens in my collection, i don’t have a favorite go-to green… i have a long way to go before i can swatch all my green polishes, but the two i’ve chosen today have been recently purchased and i’ve been dying to try them out!

blogmm1118132first one is from the new Revlon Parfumerie line, which i am in love with and have purchased them all! there will be 24 shades when the full collection is released, but now there are only 19 available. lime basil is one that’s currently only sold at CVS (chocolate truffle and ginger melon are the other two). even though this is more of a spring green color, i wanted to try it on just so i can smell it. and it smells so fresh and clean! and now i want to have a big bowl of Vietnamese pho (soup) because lime and basil are 2 of the condiments you garnish it with! this is two coats of lime basil and no top coat.

blogmm1118133for my accent nail, i chose one of JulieG‘s newest holiday polishes that is from her frosted gum drops line. and of course, it’s textured, which i love! for some reason, i thought the texture would be a bit more “gritty” but this one is quite subtle. the color i chose here is called mistletoe. last holiday, she released a similar color called under mistletoe and it is not textured. it is also 2 coats with no top coat.

blogmm1118131i’m always experimenting with the lighting and where i’m taking my pictures. i still haven’t made a light box, but i positioned these polishes on top of a “melmer” (a 3-drawer scrapbooking storage unit that looks like a Helmer from IKEA but you can buy them at Michaels) and then put a piece of scrapbooking paper behind it. i didn’t turn on any extra lighting either. then for my swatches in this post specifically, i just positioned my hand up higher, using the scrapbooking paper as the background, and angled my hand so that i could catch some sunlight. in previous swatches, i’ve held my hand up against a blank wall or elsewhere in my room (and you might have caught the messy background). so it’s a constant work in progress.

blogmm1118134and oh yeah, the ones in the picture? i haven’t shown those polishes yet… i bought them during the Sephora VIB 20% off sale… i have another mega nail polish haul coming. *hides*

and one more thing, sorry for the little gash on my middle finger… it found its way into my dog’s mouth when i was trying to feed her medicine… 13 years later and i still haven’t learned my lesson about trying to stick things in or take things out of my dog’s mouth. it didn’t feel good when she clamped down on it!

anyway, thanks for stopping by! i hope you all have a great day! XOXO Kathleen

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