a new look

hey everyone! in order to jump back into blogging again, i had a bit of fun with my blog yesterday & changed the theme (still a free theme from the same designer) and played around with picmonkey some more and made a new YouTube banner and some graphics for my videos so they could all be matchy-matchy! i had already created a new YouTube banner before and some graphics for my thumbnails, but after looking at them (especially the font that i chose for my thumbnails) i didn’t think they were legible enough and so i changed it… and then i just changed everything! LOL you know how much i love the color pink, well, it’s now a Tiffany-blue shade paired with a dark¬†brown shade! my other favorite color combination!

the only thing i’m struggling with is the sidebar menu… i’m missing a bunch of stuff on there (links, tag cloud, archives, etc) and i’ve been messing with the theme customizer for a while now and i can’t get the sidebar menu to scroll up & down… it just stays in place or it cuts off what widgets i’ve added. so i gotta put my nerd glasses on and keep messing with it. but for now, i hope you like the theme and the colors i chose! i love it! i really want to bring some life back into blogging as well as my videos… and sometimes playing with pretty pictures and colors are the best way to get your creative juices flowing. thanks for stopping by!


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