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a long overdue update


um… hi! your eyes aren’t deceiving you… it is me! and i’m here with a belated blog update… where the hell have you been, you ask? well, i’ve been here… but to point out the obvious, i haven’t really been here… on YouTube, on Instagram, etc… and the long & short of it is that i’ve been burnt out. like completely. i’ve been meaning to make a video (along with showing off some empties) about my absence, but i just kept on delaying and delaying to the point that i just forgot. my hiatus is mostly because of my no buy… which is still going strong, thankyouverymuch! other than buying the new Complexion Rescue tinted hydrating gel cream from bareMinerals (because my skin has reverted back to my high school days – ugh!) i haven’t bought anything new since December 2014! i’ve received some makeup and nail polish as gifts, but i have not bought any new makeup (other than TSV auto-delivery shipments from bareMinerals and tarte – i didn’t cancel them) or nail polish (other than the monthly boxes from SquareHue – i didn’t cancel it either) by physically walking into a store or buying online. and it feels UH-MAY-ZING! i haven’t been wearing much makeup either unless i was meeting friends or going out for an event. and because of that, i’ve been able to make some improvements to the house as well as do a major purge of junk & crap from the house and garage… and we’re far from being done.

so it’s come to this… why are there no new videos?!?! well, folks, the burn out is real! i can’t even bring myself to filming a simple empties video. partly to blame is my no buy… but i needed to go on a no buy. during the last quarter or so of 2014, i was buying makeup just to have it, not to wear it and it was wearing me down. i felt like i was competing with the big-time haulers of YouTube in getting the latest and greatest. and to be completely honest, i was spending money – my husband’s money – on stuff that i wasn’t using. and i felt incredibly guilty. so in order to stop myself from going down this rabbit hole, i just had to quit cold turkey… and while i had all these ideas on what to do to keep me busy otherwise, everything beauty & nail related just stopped. i just had to stop myself from watching anything beauty or nail-related on YouTube to prevent temptation… and it even stemmed onto Instagram as that’s where i was heavily influenced… and so i just needed to disappear for a while… and so all the videos i planned on making (weekly updates, empties, etc) never got made.

so the burning question is: are you done with YouTube? honestly? i don’t know. never say never! over the past few months, i’ve been making daily videos but uploading to my other channel, which started out as a channel of random, non-beauty videos. then it turned into a gaming channel where i record myself playing my favorite video game, Minecraft. the views and comments on those videos are way less than what i’ve been getting on my beauty videos, but the huge difference is that i’ve been enjoying myself doing something completely different and i’m genuinely happy doing them. sometimes i get carried away with how long i’ve been recording and the reaction i get on my longer videos is to make them even longer! such a total opposite reaction on my beauty videos when i would get comments saying that i talk too much. it didn’t really bother me because those who said that were clearly not paying attention to how long the video was before they clicked play. and on that front, i haven’t made a Minecraft video in almost 2 weeks! (it’s harder for me to pre-record Minecraft videos unless i’m playing with Tom or if i have a huge project in the works… and i was completely immersed in cleaning my house because my cousin and mother-in-law were visiting!)

i hope this answers your questions as to where i’ve been. it was just easier for me to blog about it rather than make a video on it. i hope to return to YouTube soon – i have a FULL bag of empties to talk about – but i also hope you understand where i’m coming from. i also hope you’re all doing well! i miss you all… but if you need your “daysies” fix, i’m still active on Instagram (apologizes for all the eye candy i spammed a few days ago)… and i hope to keep up with blogging as well! i spent all day updating my blog and coming up with topics that i can talk about here… and i hope i can start painting my nails and resume my NOTDs as well! (my nails are recovering from a relapse in biting them… such a gross habit.) thanks for stopping by!


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