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as a quest to blog more

i installed the BNS Inline Asides plugin to help me blog more… “asides” are short blurbs used to add bits of information to your blog without going into a full-blown post. i figure i could use this format to blog about what’s on my mind, sort of like sending out a tweet that’s more than 140 characters.

for now, i created two different types of asides to highlight topics that i wanted to share on my blog… one is called “blurb” which looks like this:

insert random blurb here

and the other is called “currently” which looks like this:


the blurb aside are just random thoughts, tidbits, things that i want to keep track of here… it could be about anything and everything. the sky’s the limit! the currently aside is going to be what i’m doing right now. whether it’s watching a TV show, movie, or YouTube video, eating a new dish, reading an article or better yet a book, it’s going to be shared here. i feel these quick posts will get me back into blogging, which i used to do all the time before Twitter came around in 2006.

i’m not sure if i’ll tweet out a link to these posts because i plan on doing them quite frequently and i don’t want my Twitter feed to get flooded with all these random thoughts (even though Twitter is the dumping ground of random thoughts). so hopefully you’ll come back to visit to see what i decided to share here.


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