currently watching: CSI: Cyber season 1

 i finally finished CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. i wonder what kind of storyline they’ll come up with that’ll involve some of the original cast members. we’ll have wait until September to see. in the meantime, i’m starting CSI: Cyber, which i kind of didn’t want to start watching. i don’t know. i couldn’t connect to Patricia Arquette’s character when she guest-starred on CSI, but since Ted Danson’s character was going to transition there, i was like, what the hey… and then i saw that James Van Der Beek was part of this cast! makes me want to watch Dawson’s Creek all over again. Joey + Pacey 4EVA! i don’t think i even made it all the way through the last season (because i just got tired of the show, but i did watch the series finale)… same with Felicity and Smallville… but everything’s on the Internet nowadays. i’m sure i’ll do a marathon of these shows (and so many others) in the future.

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