currently watching: NCIS season 12

 i’m onto the next TV show, NCIS! i love this show specifically because of the comedy relief that is DiNozzo. otherwise, i probably would not be interested in this show since i’m not one to watch a lot of political/military-based shows. i think i’ve watched every single episode of NCIS, give or take a few here and there. i’m at the point, with these long-running shows, that i don’t have to stop everything just to watch. i can glance at the TV from time to time. i prefer the original NCIS vs LA or NOLA… between LA and NOLA, i prefer NOLA, but i cannot stand Scott Bakula’s accent! it just sounds so fake… aside from that, i really enjoyed CSI: Cyber! it’s not getting a lot of good reviews on IMDB, but i like that the crimes are focused on more tech and social media/networks. it’s also nice to see Dawson Leery on TV again… and i knew i saw the newbie from somewhere! Bow Wow! i’m sure i’ve heard one of his songs (rap?) in the past, but i couldn’t tell you the name of it. and he’s a pretty good actor!

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