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 so last night (Thursday, June 11th) was the season finale of Bones, and OMG i cried! i know they were renewed for an 11th season, but at the time of the filming of this episode, they hadn’t been renewed and had to create something as if they were going to be cancelled… and thus the season finale. thank God, they will be back in the fall, but i think it’ll be their last season. i am going to be so sad when this show ends. it’s been my favorite since episode 1.

today, i started watching iZombie… it’s a new TV series that airs on the CW… i was browsing around iMDb to see what show i could binge watch and i found this one because it was in the mystery and thriller category, i believe. anyway, what drew me in was that it was based in Seattle (but it’s obviously filmed in Toronto or Vancouver). it’s about a young woman who goes to a boat party, gets mauled by a zombie, dies, and then turns into one. her life is turned upside down from being a resident doctor to the medical examiner’s assistant in the morgue. when she eats a part of the dead victim’s brain, she takes on some of their personality and memories of what happened around the time of death. so you know where this is going… her boss tells a budding detective that she’s a psychic and then is recruited to help solve crimes. i’ve never watched Veronica Mars (but it’s on my list to binge-watch) but because of the narration and her voice reminds me of Kristen Bell. interestingly enough, i just watched an interview of Rose McIver (who plays Liv, the main character of iZombie) and she’s from New Zealand… why can they do American accents so well? (Jay Ryan of Beauty & the Beast is also from New Zealand and i started watching season 3 of that, too… it just premiered last night.)

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