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starting all over again


howdy! it’s time for another check in from yours truly. it’s been way too long since i last wrote a proper blog post. over the years, this blog turned into a dumping ground of all sorts of junk: tweets, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, etc, etc. and tonight, i’m adding one more topic and it’ll be about my quest to get back on track with my health and fitness! i did so well back in 2014-2015. i started my exercise/weight-loss journey in May 2014, and by my 40th birthday in October, i lost 20, almost 25 pounds. i needed to lose that weight because 1) i didn’t like the way i looked in pictures… my face was getting too round, my upper arms were getting too flabby, and my clothes were getting too tight and i refused to buy bigger sizes. 2) i had little to no energy and sat on my butt all the time watching YouTube, and 3) to be honest, i wanted to look good for when i took my solo shot with Jordan Knight. not gonna lie! that was my main motivation! to take a picture next to my favorite New Kid in my new svelt self. and i did it! and i was so proud of myself!

i was able to maintain it for a good while after that, but slowly, i went back to my old ways of not walking enough, not watching what i ate, and eventually sitting on my butt for hours watching YouTube or nowadays, playing Minecraft. honestly, i can’t remember what i did in 2015 in terms of steps and whatnot (i do remember keeping up with my steps when we were in Seattle for vacation last July), but in 2016, i did nothing! i stopped walking altogether (as in stepping in place) and i didn’t watch my portions when i ate and i sat on my butt all day watching YouTube videos. coincidentally, it happened when i got back into playing Minecraft and making my Let’s Play videos. as my husband, Tom, said jokingly, “Minecraft is bad for your health!” and it’s true! all that weight i worked so hard to lose came back with a vengeance. such a disappointment. 

what made me realize that i needed to do something about it was when we went to the mall on Sunday because i had a $20 cash reward from LOFT that i needed to redeem otherwise i would lose it. i tried on some shorts and i was disgusted. the cellulite in my upper thighs was staring back at me in the mirror! i was flabbergasted and knew right then and there that i needed to do something. however, this time around, i’m doing something a bit different. i will continue tracking my steps via my FitBit, but i won’t be keeping log of what i’m eating or my weight in my calendar. even when i stopped exercising, i still wore my FitBit and weighed myself every single morning. but for now, i’m just going to make sure i make my step goal every single day which is 5 miles worth. and no more counting calories either. what is really going to help is that we ordered the NordicTrack C990 off Amazon and it should be here next week and then installed on Wednesday. i can’t wait!

so there you have it, folks! that’s what’s been going on with me in a nutshell. i know i didn’t talk about YouTube itself and why i haven’t made any videos for my beauty channel since February, and it’s because i don’t know if i want to continue doing that. i hardly wear makeup nowadays and i haven’t bought any makeup since early March. i’m happy making my Minecraft Let’s Play videos for the handful of people who watch and comment. it’s where my interest is right now. and also painting my nails again. maybe when i make some progress with my quest to get back on track with my health and fitness, i might resume making beauty videos, but i don’t know. i feel bad that i haven’t made any announcement on my channel, but it’s because i don’t know what to say. at least i’m posting on Instagram. that’s as much social media i can take right now. in the meantime, i’ll post updates (probably weekly) on how the stepping is going and you can follow me on Instagram to see nail polish swatches and other random things. i hope you all have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “starting all over again

  1. Good luck Kathleen! I remember when you lost the weight. You were walking and doing PiYo. I bought that program because of you and I loved it and even went on to buy the 21 Day Fix. I miss your makeup videos and go back and watch the old ones when I just need a friends voice to sit with me while I put on my makeup. Take care.

    1. thank you so much, Delilah! you are so sweet and i’m so grateful that you’re still following me and my journey through whatever i’m doing! i hope you did well with PiYo, too! that was a tough program, but i was able to finish it and got great results! this time around i’m going to stick with the stepping and the treadmill and hopefully i will incorporate all the other exercise programs. for now, all i just need to do is move again… i can’t believe that just by sitting and doing nothing all the weight i lost came back so quickly! then again i’m not young anymore and my metabolism isn’t what it used to… but baby steps! and again, thank you! <3 <3 <3

  2. YAY! Love that I am going to have my bestie to ‘walk along side’ of through this journey. You know how I feel about the whole YT thing… you gotta do you! If it doesn’t feel right, people will know you are forcing it. Life is too short to do things that don’t make you happy! Love you sister xx

    1. i am so excited to join you, too, bestie! when you started on your journey, it struck a chord in me and i’ve been mulling it over since and i just had to bite the bullet! and you motivated me! i can’t wait to see your progress as well because i know you can do it because when you put your mind to it, you do amazing things! love you! XOXO

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