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i still need to be held accountable for round 2 so here are some (tentative) goals & guidelines: (i don’t want to say rules because rules are meant to be broken!)

drink more water! i always struggle to drink more water and i almost never drink enough throughout the day, but i’m putting it here to remind me.

 meet my daily step goal! the default is 10,000 steps/5 miles. i’m going to focus on distance this time because the number of steps i take depends on how i’m stepping. if i’m walking in place while watching TV/YouTube, my average is 12,500/5 miles. once we get the treadmill,  i’m sure my step count will be closer to 10,000 as i’m sure i’ll be walking faster and taking bigger strides when the ground is moving beneath me!

 don’t dwell on the numbers! last time, i was obsessed with numbers. always checking how much i lost when i stepped on the scale. i can’t help but weigh myself every morning, but i’m not going to log it on my computer except maybe once a week, if i remember. i bought a bunch of new clothes after i lost all that weight and i haven’t gone back to trying them on when i gained all the weight back. when i don’t look like i’m bursting out of my shorts, then i think that’s a goal that has been reached!

 get it done early! i don’t want to spend my entire day catching up on steps, so i’m going to get the most (or all) of my steps done in the morning while watching YouTube or catching up on TV (i still haven’t finished The Walking Dead!)… that way if Tom wants to use the treadmill after he gets home from work, we won’t have to fight over it. also, i won’t have to annoy Tom with the treadmill noise while he’s trying to unwind since it’ll be in his office.

 watch my portions! we changed our eating habits when we started looking at what we were eating… and since then we’ve kinda sorta stuck with it. however, we’ve been known to indulge in pizza, french fries, hamburgers, and all that greasy stuff… but we definitely don’t do that all the time. we won’t restrict ourselves, but instead of having a big giant bowl of spaghetti, maybe just have half of that giant bowl and eat the rest later.

i think 5 goals is perfect for starters. i don’t want to overdo it this time because when it gets to be too much, i’ve been known to quit. since this isn’t the first time, i’m more attuned to what i’m prone to doing so i think i’ll do better this time. my main goal is to exercise. as long as i walk off what i’ve eaten and then some, then i’ll see some results! i didn’t really count calories either, but i had an idea of how much i was eating and i always strived to burn way more than that (because i know FitBit only shows an estimate). so stay tuned for weekly updates! i’m thinking Mondays will be good. thanks for your support!


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  1. Those are great goals!! I find it amazing how many more steps I rack up when I was in place vs. walking around… I never really thought about it until I would walk for 15 mins outside and then see such a drastic difference! UGH! You got this girl xx

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