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happy Friday!


so i thought i would start blogging how my week has been going and chose to post on Fridays because we all look forward to Fridays and why not? while i currently do not work, i still look forward to Fridays because my husband looks forward to Fridays. i figure this is also another step towards blogging regularly, too, and i like to document what’s happened since i’m also not making YouTube videos (well, my beauty videos are currently on hiatus and my Minecraft ones are only when i feel like it).

nothing spectacular happened this week other than restarting my health & fitness regime but i’m going to reserve all that for its own post which will be on Monday going forward. what i want to talk about today is that i got my hair done yesterday! this morning i was deleting some photos off my iPhone and saw that the last time i got some color in my hair was October 2014. i was mistaken when i told my current hairstylist that it was 3 years ago when i had anything done. then the following October, i got the “big chop” and she cut off about 12″ of hair. someone i follow on Instagram had posted her new hair color and i immediately took a screenshot of it so that if i ever decided to get my hair done again, it would be just like that. i had lunch with one of my girlfriends earlier this week and i told her that i wanted to do something with my hair and she said, “go for it!” so yesterday, i texted my stylist with my plan and some pictures and she was able to see me that afternoon.

i went in at 2:00 and left close to 5:00 and while i love that i finally did something different with my hair (which included a much-needed trim, too), it will take some getting used to! i only got partial highlights which means if you put your hair in a half ponytail, the bottom half is still my natural color, which is black. i also got some red highlights close to the ear, too. i don’t know why but whenever i get highlights, especially blonde ones (and my highlights are blonde!), there’s always one streak of blonde that’s super blonde at the top of my head! i don’t know why this happens, as each time someone different has done it, but they always seem to pick the same chunk of hair to color! it’s so funny because my husband always points it out!

what i have to do now to make the highlights work for me is to curl my hair… because highlights, like the ones i got, do not look very good when your hair is stick straight… and whenever you see styles like these on Instagram it’s almost always finished off with a curling iron. i didn’t get that done after i left because my stylist had another client waiting, but i told her that i will play with it myself, which is a good thing because i can never get my hair to look the same way after getting it professionally done. so might as well fix it myself since i will be the one doing it anyway, right?

the highlights are super blonde right now, too. she told me that if it’s still too bright after a week, i can come back and get it toned down without having to pay extra. Tom really likes the color (he’s always been partial to highlights and stuff like that), too. when i posted a picture of it on Instagram, i got so many comments and likes, too! but i was in the bathroom when i took the picture and the lighting is horrible. i tried to take some pictures while sitting in the car, but i was about to die from the heat! i see so many girls (Asians like me) who look so good in blonde highlights, but when i picture myself with them, it’s completely different! it’s because my eyes haven’t adjusted to seeing myself with different hair. but what’s funny is that i already told my stylist what other colors i’d like to add when i come back in a couple of months. she laughed because i was already thinking about the next time! i was like, “why not? it’s only hair!”

so now i have to bust out the curling iron and see what i can do. i’m so lazy when it comes to my hair, which is why i always wear it down and straight. and not to mention seeing what kind of makeup will look good with this, too! once i’m happy with the results, i will post a picture on Instagram. all in all, my stylist did a great job and i think we had a great time chatting as well. i think she’s close to my age and it was like talking to one of my girlfriends. we did talk about the newest craze that is Pokemon Go… don’t get me started, and no, it will NOT be installed on my phone. anyway, thanks for reading & have a great day! xoxo


2 thoughts on “happy Friday!

  1. You’re too funny… I know what you are saying though and every time I make a big change to my hair, I always take some time to get used to it. Blonde highlights on dark hair also look good when you pull the top back into a messy, kinda loose clip… so the hair isn’t slicked right back but more scattered. LOOOOOVE the messy bun look and it’s so super easy. xx

    1. i will try that! you know i have all sorts of hair stuff but never use it! LOL i just curled it a bit with a 1″ barrel curling iron… looks much better now than just stick straight! highlights definitely look better in beachy waves! Grin xoxo

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