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daysies steps week 1



alright! week one is in the books! and how did i do? pretty good, if i say so myself! since getting back into stepping, i met my daily goal (of 10,000 steps/5 miles) every single day and broke 100,000 steps! and i feel really good! i’m feeling more energetic every single day, and i find myself getting antsy when i’m sitting down for too long. it’s such a great feeling!

the treadmill arrives tomorrow morning and then it gets installed Wednesday evening. that means the first time i’m going to be able to use it is Thursday morning (well, maybe Wednesday evening after the installers leave). when i  had lunch with my friend Sandra on Saturday, she said what helps her get started in the morning is to change into her exercise clothes right away before coffee. then she sips on her coffee when she takes her son to school, and then afterwards, she works out at home or the gym. she said that the little bit of caffeine from the coffee will help with the workout, and since she’s already in her workout clothes, she has no excuse to sit and catch up with whatever’s on the Internet before she puts on her workout clothes. when i used to work from home, that’s what i did as well – change out of my sleep clothes into something else to put me in the mindset of working and not lounging around in my pjs. it’s been so long since i got into the habit of that so when she shared her morning routine with me, i told her that i’m going to do that, too!

it’ll be a bit difficult to do that this week since Tom is on staycation mode from work, but i will do it! for the past week, i did about one mile’s worth of steps (around 2,500) before sitting down. that’s about one YouTube video’s length, which is about 30 minutes, since i’m stepping in place in my office and there’s not a lot of room to move around. sometimes i would just thumb through my Instagram feed and another mile would pass by. i also took breaks throughout the day to do another mile here and there. by the end of the day, hopefully before i picked up Tom from work, all my steps were done. there were a few days where i still had one more mile left to do because 10,000 steps is roughly 4 miles for me. at least i knew it wouldn’t take all evening to finish.

i hope to see better numbers all around when the treadmill arrives. in fact, i know i’ll be able to crank out the steps faster because i’m walking on something that is moving. when i walk outside, i tend to take bigger strides and walk faster, too. i’ll also burn calories faster, too… maybe i’ll even meet my calorie goal on Fitbit, as well! i won’t be calorie counting though, but it’ll be nice to see how many calories i burn during each session on the treadmill. we’ll have to see. i’m trying not to obsess over numbers this time around. my measure of success will be based on how i feel in my clothes. i went down a couple of sizes after losing all that weight last time. i can still fit in some of those clothes, but others, i have to hold my breath to squeeze into them. i want to be able to wear them comfortably again and also get rid of the ones that i held onto “just in case.”

anyway, a big thanks to all of you who are silently cheering me on! LOL however, a huge shoutout goes to my bestie, Lindsay, for motivating me to get back on the bandwagon. she just passed one month into her new journey of health & fitness and is kicking major butt! way to go, sister! we can do this!!!


2 thoughts on “daysies steps week 1

  1. YAY… what an awesome week! You are a killer with all those steps and you will do even more once you get the treadmill. So excited for you. I agree, getting those early steps in is the key to staying on track. I don’t want to get home from work and have to spend all evening catching up! Little bit by little bit! So glad that you are on this journey with me xx

    1. it’s way more fun doing this with someone who is striving to see results! you know that i’ll always be here for you cheering you on! and yes, baby steps is always key! small changes to diet, exercise, and anything else will help in making better & long-lasting habits! xoxo

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