currently watching: Stranger Things & Marcella

 just finished watching Stranger Things, a Netflix-exclusive show. you sit at the edge of your seat the entire 8 episodes. Winona Ryder is awesome as always, and being that the show was set in the 80’s, it makes me relive my youth! i hope it gets a second season! i know i should be catching up on all the TV i’ve missed since the fall, but Netflix doesn’t have the latest seasons yet so i’m watching Marcella instead. the main character looked familiar and when i looked up the cast of characters on IMDb, she is Anna Friel from Pushing Daisies! oh, i loved that quirky show, which sadly only lasted 2 seasons. there are a few other recognizable people in show, too, like the actress who played Lady Edith Crawley from Downton Abbey. i only watched the first season, but she was a model in a couple of Lisa Eldridge’s makeup tutorials! only 2 episodes in, this show reminds me of The Killing, which was another favorite show of mine. i don’t know how to describe these types of shows… but they suck you in from the first minute until the last. so intense and serious and bone-chilling! and that’s why they’re binge-worthy!

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