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happy Friday!


the treadmill was supposed to arrive on Tuesday, and while a treadmill was delivered, it was the wrong one! i ordered the NordicTrack C990 off Amazon, but what arrived was the ProForm 995i! they cost exactly the same, but the C990 has a few more features than the 995i. we actually didn’t realize the mistake until a couple hours later when we were going to move the parts inside the house (since delivery only allowed the treadmill to be placed inside the garage). at first, we thought that maybe the packaging was wrong and the contents were actually the C990, but when Tom opened the box, it surely was the ProForm. i called the delivery company (not Amazon, initially) and customer service asked me to check the shipping label on the box. it was in my name! so it was Amazon’s mistake. i called Amazon afterwards, and without question, i was able to get a new one which should arrive here on Saturday. the ProForm will be picked up as well. i had never called Amazon for any issue before and i’m glad that my first time calling them, i had a great experience! i just hope that the correct treadmill is delivered on Saturday otherwise we’ll have to do this dance all over again.

on Wednesday, it was our 1 year anniversary of losing our precious Madison. i never talked about what really happened, except to our close friends & family when we had to share the news, but since it still hurts too much to go into detail, here’s a link to what she had. since she was almost 15 years old, she probably wouldn’t have survived surgery. had she been a few years younger, like maybe closer to 10 years old, then we would’ve considered it… but all in all, we were so blessed to have the best companion we could ever ask for (even though she was such a troublemaker when she was a puppy). she lived a healthy life, filled with unconditional love and affection, and we miss her so much.

if money was no option, we would eat sushi every single day.  on Tuesday, we celebrated Tom’s 43rd birthday at Kula Revolving Sushi (my 4th visit, Tom’s 2nd), which is unique in the way they deliver the plates of sushi on their conveyor belts. instead staring at a pile of empty plates on your table, there is a slot at the end of the table where you drop your plates into and their system keeps track of how many you’ve inserted. once you have reached 15 plates, you get a free toy! each plate is only $2.25, but you can order other dishes off their computer menu, which cost a bit more, and they get delivered through a separate conveyor belt, directly to your table. it’s so neat! we can’t wait for one in Carrollton to open as it’s much closer to us than the one in Plano.

speaking of sushi, there’s a different way it’s presented, too… and that’s in the form of a poke bowl, which is famous in Hawaii. my cousin and her bestie love this stuff! and after seeing pictures of these delicious concoctions on Instagram and Facebook during their vacations in Hawaii (and now Chicago, where they live), i had to see if there was one in the Dallas area, and sure enough, there are a few places here, too! on Wednesday, we tried Ahi Poke Bowl in Arlington, and i thought it was delicious! you can pick 2 or 3 scoops of poke (different kinds of raw fish or popcorn shrimp) on top of a bed of salad, rice, or rice & salad, and then up to 5 toppings. i picked salmon and spicy salmon for my poke, salad & brown rice, and then imitation crab, seaweed salad, masago, pineapple, and avocado for my toppings. Tom got the Hawaiian ahi (which they said was their most popular) and yellowtail, salad & brown rice, and jalapeño and a couple other toppings. immediately after finishing up my bowl, i told Tom that i wanted to try the other place in Plano called Below 40, which also had really good reviews on Yelp. so after i finish up this post, i think that’s where we’re going today. my mouth is watering as i type! (and they sell bubble tea there, too!)

looks like my weekly updates will include the new restaurants that we’ve tried… and i’m okay with that! i love trying new restaurants here in DFW. i just wish they would open up more of these closer to me so i don’t have to drive all over the place! however, it’s nice to get out of my bubble once in a while because i do get tired of the same old, same old. i hope you all have a great weekend! thanks for stopping by! xoxo


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    1. it’s quite alright! sushi is an acquired taste… when i first tried it, i didn’t like it either! something about the way seaweed tasted… and wasabi? yuck! then i found my own way to eating sushi… all you need a good teacher! but then again, if you don’t like California rolls, which is like the basic as basic can be, then it’s probably not for you! LOL if you like shrimp, try rolls with shrimp tempura (cooked)… i didn’t eat raw fish in my sushi for a log time! now it’s what i prefer over cooked! Grin xx

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