currently watching: Sleepy Hollow season 3 & BONES season 11

 so i’m busy catching up with all the TV that i missed last fall… i binge-watched Sleepy Hollow season 3 yesterday and BONES season 11 today. sadly in season 4, Abbie Mills will not be back. if you watched season 3, you would know why. and season 12 will be BONES’ last season. i don’t know what i’m going to do with myself! BONES was one of my favorite shows! Castle, too, but it ended as well. BONES’ season finale was quite interesting… and i realized that there was no “big bad.” the “big bad” showed up in the season finale. i’m curious to know why they brought this character back into the show (so yeah,  you’ve seen him before) but it was nice to see him again as he was one of my favorites! back to Sleepy Hollow, i just love this show! i love how they weave the supernatural with history. but since Abbie isn’t coming back, what’s going to happen to Ichabod? we all know he’s not from the present, so he has to partner up with someone. maybe Abbie’s sister, Jenny? however, from what i read, Abbie might make an appearance or two during season 4. let’s hope this happens! now i’m watching Grimm season 5 on NBC… i’m watching from episode 1 as i can’t remember what happened before i stopped watching.

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