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daysies steps week 2


week 2 is done! i did more steps this week than last. on the days where i broke 20K steps, i also met my calorie goal, too!  i’m still not tracking my calories, but after my weekend trip to Austin this weekend (for my niece’s 5th birthday), i might start eyeballing it a bit more. i hope to meet my weekly step goal before i leave (on Thursday) because it’s going to be hard to meet my daily goal since my sister’s house doesn’t have a lot of space to walk around like my house. maybe we can do a few rounds outside with the baby.

i’m happy to share that my treadmill is finally here! i wrote about how Amazon sent us the wrong one, and the correct one arrived on Saturday and it was installed this morning. i broke it in by doing 8 laps (only 1.2 miles). i started out easy by setting the incline at 5% and the speed to 2.5 for the first 4 laps. then i increased it to 3.0 for the next 3 laps and then lowered it back down to 2.5 for the last lap. i worked up a sweat! i actually was in a jog when i increased the speed to 3.0. i probably could’ve gone longer, but i didn’t expect to do 8 laps the first time and i didn’t have any water or a towel with me. also, i wasn’t dressed properly. i did have sneakers on, but i was wearing denim shorts and a t-shirt. tomorrow, i’ll actually blow the dust and cobwebs off my workout clothes.

one thing i observed while using the treadmill was that i kept staring at the display, especially at the distance i’ve walked. i think that actually slowed me down because i kept on watching it. so tomorrow, i’m going to cover it up so i don’t get distracted. also, i didn’t keep my hands on where it measures your heart rate. it’s awkward and i would much rather pump my arms while i’m walking instead of holding something. i have the Polar FT4 watch which comes with its own heart rate monitor (on a strap that you wear close to your heart) so i need to make sure the battery isn’t dead. i also need to use my hand weights as well. so much to remember to use and keep up with. it’s okay, though… it’s definitely going to pay off in the end.

while i’m not really watching what i eat – i mean, i’m not going overboard, just not making huge changes – i did notice that i gained weight. just a couple of pounds. i know that weight fluctuates throughout the day and your lightest is usually in the morning after you use the bathroom, but it’s something i’m not going to stress about. this happened to me before when i first started working out two years ago. your body is going through something different, something that it’s not used to. here’s a great article that lists some possible reasons why. i don’t feel different though, so it could be muscle gain, too, as muscle weighs more than fat. my goal for doing this all over again is just to feel (and look) better in the clothes that i bought when i dropped that weight last time. i don’t want to look anorexic, bony, or whatever… i just want to get back down to where all my stats (weight, BMI, etc) were in range of my age & height. here’s to reaching those goals! thanks for stopping by! xoxo


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  1. YAY… so happy for you and Tom and your new treadmill… that will totally amp up the workouts! You are already killing it with the steps so it will be interesting to see how that looks once you are walking on the treadmill! I love using the Fitbit app to track my calories so I can do the whole in vs. out thing. Makes it easy and I feel like I am on top of my food choices. You are doing amazing sista! xx

    1. i always go overboard with the steps, but doing this on a treadmill this time will be interesting! LOL Tom also used the treadmill when he got home from work! something i forgot to say is that when we both got off the treadmill, we had “sea legs” for a bit! i’ll have to get used to it so the feeling will go away. i need to go back to my Skinnytaste cookbook to try new dishes! she’s so great at listing all the nutritional details on each dish… and she’s coming out with a 2nd book later this year (in October) which will include slow cooker dishes, too! if you’re looking for super tasty, low calorie dishes, Skinnytaste is a great site! and i realize that i do need to keep track of what i’m eating a bit more closely! i tracked my food in my calendar, but i didn’t notate the calories!

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