new Instagram on July 26, 2016 at 07:51PM

lookie, lookie! my new toy! i couldn’t resist… had to go #twinning with @aquestforhappy! i got it in small with the black band, but i also got a couple of replacement bands in different colors from Amazon… for being an Apple fangirl, the Watch is something i have no interest in getting at this moment… but the Fitbit Blaze comes as a close second… well, it doesn’t compare, but it sure looks like it! the display is actually the same size as the Apple Watch, but it only has features that you need for the fitness side of things… you do get caller ID, text & calendar alerts, and you can also control your music (volume, speed, rewind/fast forward, play/pause)… i haven’t tested that out yet… i did do the preliminary test of swinging my arm while sitting down to see if it would count as steps and it didn’t! i’ll talk more about the Blaze when i’ve had time to play with it… so far, i like it! i’ll definitely have to get used to wearing a watch again! #fitbit #fitbitblaze #healthtracker #fitness #tracker #fitnesstracker #gadget … via Instagram

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