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daysies steps week 3


i missed posting yesterday because i was on my way home from Austin… spent the weekend there at my sister’s so i could help and celebrate my niece’s 5th birthday! it was a lot of fun, but Chuck E. Cheese is just not the place for me! LOL way too many kids running around (niece, included) but i have to say their pizza is pretty good! i had 4 pieces, some carrots & dip, and water. i only had a bite of my cake before i had to chase my niece from game to game. anyway, i’m still not logging my food, but i think i did pretty well while i was there. my steps didn’t suffer too much except on Sunday (which will be reflected in next week’s total) because i was so tired and exhausted and actually took a nap, which made me miss a couple of my hourly goals. oh, well! and it was my lowest step day since i started exercising again.

as you can see, though, i did pretty well with my weekly progress report! i think sharing my progress report will help give you a glimpse of how my week went. however, the step total doesn’t match because the week starts on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. the report is generated by Fitbit itself so i don’t think i can change it. as long as the totals are close, then it doesn’t matter when the week starts. my weekly goal is 70,000 (10,000/day) so as long as it’s over that number, then we’re right on track!

so here’s something interesting i noticed while i was driving to Austin… since my car needs a tire balancing (should be done today), it shook a bit on the road when i was driving around 70mph or so. when i synced my Blaze with the iPhone app, it logged it as “outdoor bike” for 90 minutes. i thought that was hilarious! the calorie burn was very low at 115 calories but if i did ride a bike for an hour and a half, i should’ve burned way more than that. it also didn’t calculate distance (shows up as “N/A”) because i think i had GPS turned off. which is a good thing because how funny would it look to see that i biked for 200 miles at the speed that i was driving! my Blaze would’ve probably shorted out!  also, i noticed that when i step in place, the Blaze logs it as “elliptical” which would kind of make sense since i’m not moving from one point to another. however, when i had my Zip or One, it would actually calculate distance as if i was walking instead of just in place. since i do a lot of walking in place, it’ll affect my distance a bit, but i don’t really mind it because steps are more important as well as calorie burn.


one thing i love about the Blaze is the ability to set alarms. when you add the Blaze to the Fitbit app, it adds a new module that keeps track of the hourly goal. when you do 250 steps or more an hour, it will keep track of it. the dot is red when you’ve accomplished it but grey when you didn’t meet it. at the end of the day, when you have met the goal every hour, it’ll turn green. you can set how many hours you want to keep track of. i have mine set from 9:00 to 6:00. and that’s where the alarms come into play. you can set up to 8 alarms, either individual ones or repetitive ones. i have 8 alarms set to repeat from 10:00 to 5:00, every hour. i skip the 9:00 hour because i’m already on the treadmill. i could remove the 10:00 hour because i should still be on the treadmill but winding down. when the Blaze starts buzzing on my wrist, i just stop whatever i’m doing (if i can) and then do about 500 steps and then go back to whatever i’m doing. i missed it a few times when i was in Austin because i either was taking a nap or sitting down eating. the image above is from last Wednesday, i believe. i caught it right when everything turned green. love seeing all that green!

i did miss my treadmill while i was away… it’s a great way to get your steps in, or at least most of them in one shot. i did almost 16 laps today while catching up on some of my favorite YouTube channels. by 10:30, i was done with my 10,000. i also aim to exercise first before playing Disney Emoji Blitz on my iPhone because i cannot stop playing that game! i have to collect all the emojis! and while i wait for my lives to replenish, i do more steps! i do need to incorporate other exercises though… walking is easy and gets your heart pumping, but i need to do some strength training to build up my muscles. i’m not in any sort of rush to lose weight. i did gain another pound while i was away, but i was with family and i tend to overindulge when i know i shouldn’t. fortunately, i’m home and will get back on track. baby steps, or “daysies steps” as i like to call it. thanks for reading! xoxo


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