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daysies steps week 4


i made a change over the weekend: save the treadmill for M-F and just do whatever i used to do before on Saturday & Sunday… and you know what, i still nailed it!  in fact, everything was green (goals met) except for last Sunday, July 31st, when i was still in Austin and it was the day of my niece’s birthday party and i was just exhausted! it did hurt the number of steps i made for that week, but it’s okay… i still went above and beyond the rest of the week. everyone needs to take a day off to relax and give your muscles a break. when i used to do all those Beachbody programs, i designated Sundays to be my day off. i still made my Fitbit goals, but i didn’t exercise in front of the TV.

i kind of miss those Beachbody programs, but i kind of don’t. they worked wonders for me, gave me a daily routine, but they were hard. i had a lot of fun in the beginning because i went through those programs with a few friends and my sister (who was actually doing those programs way before me), but towards the end, i was ready to kick in the towel and do something else. that’s why i am so happy we invested in a treadmill. i do an hour every morning and depending on what speed i set it to, i do anywhere between 2.5 to 3 miles of steps. and i sweat. for a couple of laps, i also use my 2-pound weights when i swing my arms. even though i’m just walking in place, i love that i can catch up on YouTube. i watch a lot of YouTube, but i’ve been saving videos to watch when i walk on the treadmill because it makes the time pass by much faster. before you know it, an hour has already passed and i’m done for the day! well, not done completely, but in an hour, i already did 1/2 of what i needed to do for that day… and that feels great!

now that i’ve been back in the swing of things for a month, the next thing i need to do is take a look at what i’m eating. i’ve had no scale victories for the past 4 weeks. i still weigh myself every morning, but that number fluctuates so much, i don’t know why i keep on doing it! what i need to do is get back into eating breakfast. i was doing so well before, but i was talking about this with Tom yesterday and that i want to find something that i can eat everyday that’s easy to make and that i won’t get tired of quickly. before, i had a protein shake after every workout. actually, i drank about a fourth of the shake to give me some energy for the workout and then drank the rest after i was done. since i started walking again, i’ve continued my “breakfast” which is just coffee. with cream & one packet of Truvia. i cannot take my coffee black like Tom. it’s just way too bitter to me. i’ve considered drinking tea exclusively because i have the option to drink it with cream/milk or by itself. my favorite tea is rooibos. when i started going to Starbucks, i would only order their tea and it was some kind of vanilla flavored rooibos with milk… they got rid of it a long, long time ago, and that’s when i started getting caramel macchiatos.

okay, i’m getting off track!  thing is, i’m lazy! and i need to get passed it. i need to put in a little bit of effort to get things done. like grocery shopping, i dread it! LOL a couple of times, i made those breakfast egg muffins which were basically like breakfast in the shape of a muffin. you line the cups in the muffin tin with deli meat, then fill it with chopped spinach, cheese, scrambled egg, hash browns or O’Brien potatoes, diced bell peppers, tomato, seasoning, etc. it was so easy to make, low in calorie, high in protein (egg), too… i would always eat it with salsa or hot sauce as well. it was really easy to make, and you make a bunch depending on how many cups are in the muffin tin. you store the rest in a plastic bag or container in the fridge and grab one or two every morning. i need to make that again because it was really yummy and there are so many combinations you can make to change it up each week. alright, i think i know what i want to make for breakfast. huzzah! sometimes i just need to write it out… and once i get back into eating breakfast, it’ll jump start my metabolism again which will help in shedding these unwanted inches, too! baby steps! xoxo


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    1. it’s worse for me! i’m really bad at eating… i only eat when i’m hungry and i’m not hungry in the morning, even after my workout… i’m just thirsty! LOL i think those breakfast egg muffins is enough… one isn’t filling, but at least it’s something! it’s really all about discipline! must retrain my brain! xx

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