more about me

  • as you can tell, i love to type in all lowercase… it’s been a habit of mine for years and i can’t seem to retrain my brain (or my fingers) to type properly (unless i’m writing a formal paper)…
  • hubby and i have been married since July 1999
  • we do not have any kids
  • but we have 3 beautiful and adorable and oh-so-funny nieces that we love with all our hearts
  • we do have one furry child, Madison. she is a German Shepherd-mix and is 12 years old. (she was born on October 8, 2000.)
  • my birthday is October 5, 197x… and yes, i am in my late 30’s.
  • my favorite number is 5
  • my favorite season(s) are Fall and Winter… i wish it would stay in the 50s-60s during the day and 30s-40s at night all year long
  • we currently live in Texas but our dream is to live in Washington (state)
  • my favorite color is pink!
  • my favorite flower is the white daisy.
  • i’ve had the nickname “daysies” since 1998 when i started blogging. it’s a combination of the word “daisy” and “day” as i blogged every single day for a few years (until Twitter came along)
  • i’m 100% Filipina and was born in Manila, Philippines
  • i met my husband online (via IRC) in January 1994 when we were both in college (different colleges)
  • i used to bite my nails and i was able to quit once i started painting them (thus building up a huge collection of nail polish bottles)
  • i never really learned how to put on makeup until i started watching beauty videos on YouTube in October 2008 (and i was only turned onto watching beauty videos because i asked a friend about the makeup she was wearing and she attributed it to watching a makeup tutorial on YouTube, specifically one by Lauren Luke (panacea81).
  • i made beauty videos in February 2009 but didn’t do a good job in engaging with my subscribers. so i shut that channel down in January 2011. i started up a new channel in January 2012 and have uploaded at least one video daily.

more to come!